Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stuck in a dreadful situation? Don't lose hope!

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Have you ever been stuck in a bad situation? Maybe you lost your  job, or  in despair due to a relation break-up, or suffering from a painful disease. You pray for salvation, but nothing happens. Days turn into weeks into months into years… then  you lose hope.

But let me encourage  and remind you that God is God of the change. He is still in the business of transforming people, providing breakthroughs, redeeming lives . Life meaning does end yet just put  trust in God who is the author and finisher of our faith. Don’t lose hope because He will change things for your good.

The Bible is full of characters whose lives were dramatically changed by God, but they had to wait for that change.

Remember Abraham?  God promised him a son. Year after year he waited for that promise until when he was 100 years , something exciting happened. He had to wait for 25 years until the impossible conception of  Sarah happened.

Joseph also had to learn to wait. His dream that his brothers would bow down to him and serve him went  into lots of  trouble. He was sold out to  Egypt as slave and  turn to prison for rape accusation.  He should have been devastated, bitter and angry with God for such an unfair situation. But Joseph kept a faith-filled attitude and he even prospered in prison, because God's favor was on him. One day, Pharaoh needed someone to interpret his dream. A dream he  could not remember. Joseph gave t he right interpretation and was immediately elevated to second-in-command in Egypt. Joseph turned to be a blessing to all the nations when the seven-year  famine came.

 In the New Testament, Jesus Christ dramatically changed the lives of the people he met. He  healed the sick , cast our demons ,  restored life to dead people and hardened sinners became righteous. But  the most dramatic change came at the end of his life, when after dying on the cross, after three days he rose from the grave and ascended to heaven.

So if you're stuck in a dreadful situation, don't lose hope. God is  the same yesterday, today and forever. Trust that he will deliver you in time if you will be patient and faithful.