Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waiting Process of Getting a New House

Food, love, family, respect and acceptance, basically these are the things that we, human beings truly need. But wait, take a look at these things closely, are these just the things we need? Did we fail to spot something? If we try to look at these things carefully and ponder on these, we definitely miss something. And this something pertains to none other than a place to live in.

Shelter. It may be a simple word but it implies a deeper value. Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a theory in psychology proposed that SAFETY which includes security of body, employment, resources, health and property is considered as the second level under the hierarchy of needs. The first level goes to the PHYSIOLOGICAL needs which include the need for air, water, food. These are vital for survival. But we have to take note that shelter under the category of SAFETY which is the second level, means that this is not just a simple need but also an important one, and this must be met.

We all want to be safe from the environment we are living in. In most cases, a big percentage of people will go for subdivisions and real estate properties. We are not just talking about a house structure or design but we are aiming for a secured and comfortable place to live in. Investing a real estate property would be great since this would point to a lifetime family achievement. Plus, there will be Plus, there will be real estate agents who will be assisting us in purchasing properties under best terms. It has always been our desire to get a new house since ours was washed out during the typhoon “Sendong”. Now, we are grateful since we are able to own a property at one of the premier real estate subdivisions here in Cagayan de Oro City. We give back all the Glory to God for giving us the strength to endure circumstances in life and most especially for the “waiting process” of getting a new house. Now, we don’t just own one but undeniably the best one.