Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our house for 30 years

I have blogged last week about our  home renovation.  We realized that as the house grows old,  it is more  expensive to maintain . As much as we wanted to sell  our ancestral house, my mom is against it.  She loved the place and the memories of our house for 30 years can not be replaced by money. Bottom line is we are compelled to improve the house  even if we will spend a lot  for it.

Now, we are currently installation laminated finish for our living room. Laminate is generally  more affordable, more eco-friendly than hardwood. It is  very hard wearing, easy to install and maintain. With all these things considered, it makes good sense why we chose  laminate flooring over other  types of flooring. If you wish to know more of its advantages please  click here . You will be redirected to 17,432 Floring choices, all professionally installed and guaranteed.