Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our house renovation

What could be attractive when you enter somebody’s home than seeing those fabulous floor designs? You could take a peek at our ancestral home. My mom has been doing renovations and it’s quite an unfinished project for her since starting it four months ago. My sister and she collaborated with this project and since then the work seemed to be unfinished until today. Our home was constructed in the 70’s and it will take a lot of repairs for those dilapidated parts of the house to bring it back to 100% ok. The reconstruction started at the old kitchen of ours. Actually we have two areas designated as our dirty kitchen since we had a furniture shop operating downstairs at our two-storey house.

 After the kitchen, my mom decided to break down one room and make it a visitor’s lounge instead. The old ceiling was replaced with a new one and now with elaborate designs, the painting was changed to bright green, and a French window was installed on the other side that used to be just a wall. And of course, those floor tiles made the difference. We got this idea when browsing the net and seeing those elaborate floor tiles design at Perry's Flooring America  . Seeing the newly renovated part of our home, one can’t believe that it’s a 42-year old house. It’s one thing my mom and us can be proud of.