Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A cry for Trust!

Actually there is a cry for trust in all of us. But for many teens today who find ourselves in a family that is dysfunctional this cry for trust is especially present. We know that there are at least 3 characteristics of a family that is dysfunctional. (1) Don’t TALK. (2) Don’t TRUST. (3) Don’t FEEL. Now here is what that means. In a family that is dysfunctional there is some overwhelming problem that is could include any of the following....alcohol or drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse or if the parents are too rigid. All rules, no love. Very distant. Because of one or more of these things being present the child is forced to keep a secret; they are told do not talk about this to anyone...they are not allowed to express their feelings and the end result is that they grow up believing that they have in fact done something wrong and that they cannot trust anyone. Children in these homes often become very lonely and have a strong sense of failure.