Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cries of Youth # 1

In surveys that have been done through the years one of the things we have learned about teens today is that even though parents may say " I love you " or give them hugs many young people still do not feel loved. Teenagers crave for someone who will listen to them, who will try to understand their innermost  feelings, This should  come from their parents but if they do not get it from them  they will go somewhere else! 

Ten years ago the American Medical Association published a study of 12,000 teenagers. The study revealed the fact that teenagers who don’t smoke, don't drink,  take drugs, don’t engage in premarital sex,  or commit acts of violence-these teens say the  number 1 reason they don’t do all these things is because they know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved by their parents. Teens who grow up to be healthy well adjusted adults can almost always look back to at least one parent who loved them unconditionally, someone who has gained their respect and has been a model. A mom or dad who loved them with a love they didn’t have to earn. 

Young people today  are crying out for that kind of love.