Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Preaching : “MAJOR, MAJOR” Choices Of Life

The quality and meaning of our lives in this live and the next will be powerfully impacted by the following choices we make. Of course… There are the general major choices of all our lives...

 1. "What kind of work will I do?" – Next year we will have many graduates…and their decision to enroll in their courses today will not be the assurance of the kind of work they will have. There are nursing, engineering, accounting and education graduates who are not working in their respective vocation. The question is… What are you going to do with your work life? How are you going to use your unique gifts and talents to provide for your needs and others’ need and make a difference in this world? This can mean a whole series of decisions including, "what school, college, university or training program is best for me." It’s a HUGE choice. 

 2. "Who am I going to marry?" -You think that’s a big-ticket decision? You think the person you vow to stay with the rest of your life will impact your life? Probably every married person in this room had wondered, "What if I had married someone else?" -HUGE choice. For a Christian it becomes even more important as God tells us that we need to marry someone who shares Christ in common with us and is going the same direction. And then you add the children that come to most marriages into the equation…

 3. "Where will I live?"-Again a BIG decision.