Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Son's Narrative Report

I woke-up early this morning for my devotional and saw my son alredy glued at the PC. he was making his report. He told me why not publish it on my blog... so here it is.

Chess is a mind game indeed! It involves a lot of thinking and clever strategies. Some chess masters have techniques in reading their opponents next move and even have an advance strategy to counter any attack of the enemy. Some say that a chess expert has five advance moves before he even started the game. What happened during the P.E. chess tournament was a very exciting event for all of us with the heat growing as the participants eyed their possible opponent whom from friends became enemies in chess. We started the program with a prayer in screen lead by Isaiah Fancubit followed by the singing of the national anthem and the LDCU hymn. It was Adam Anay who recited the opening remarks and Isaiah who stated the mechanics. The girls where the one played the game while the boys were the one who officiated. Some of the girls played the game for the first time and they had a hard time identifying the moves of each pieces in the beginning but later on they were able to familiarize them . Everybody enjoyed the game . It ended with fulfillment in our heart. By the way, the winners were : Fritzie Ansin ( Champion) , second was Connie Pogay and the third Sashira Narisma