Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutting cost on plumbing works

Having a problem with Plumbing  at home is quite uneasy. Going back to our ancestral home after sixteen years and meeting the inevitable when you cannot use the comfort rooms due to a clogged drainage and an overflowing septic tank is very uncomfortable indeed. We also have to deal with the worst scenario. No plumber in town is available a week after the devastating flood that hit our city and no septic tank excavator is also available to deal with the overflowing septic tank. That happened just six months ago and we could not forget it at all. We have to go to our friends’ home just to use the comfort room.

There’s always a point when you own a home and in your life you will deal with plumbing issues. And hiring professional plumbers to do the job is quite expensive nowadays. We spend almost five thousand pesos for the repairs and excavation of our septic tank. You cannot do anything about it because you know how important it is to have plumbing fixtures that work right. It’s good that we have friends who willingly share their home for us and understand our plight but still it was awkward at that time. Our church too played a very important role in helping the flood victims and serving the members so we could also serve others.

People sometimes might get hit with a shock when they find out the money they have to spend for damaged fixtures at home. A do-it-yourself job can surely save you some bucks but it would also be uncomfortable is you work full time. me and my wife  worked  full time as church ministers and during that incident (the problem with the fixtures and septic tank), we were also busy with preparing the distribution of relief good for the flood victims in our city. We have to wake early to prepare the things and go home late at night tired from the day’s work. But again, that experience made us realize the importance of planning and scheduling you scope of work so you could accomplish much. Now, we could look at that experience as part of seeing things in a positive way.

(This is a sponsored post for Rotorooter, however, all the points and views are my own.)