Sunday, October 7, 2012

Preparing for BHCCCI Anniversary

A month before the 26th anniversary of our church, the leadership decided to build a balcony in the church sanctuary to cater the growing number of people attending the Sunday worship celebration. The construction workers were given three weeks to finish the job just in time for the anniversary program. After the initial meetings and the finalization of the design, the construction head gave us a list of materials to be acquired for this project. Different sizes of wood, plywood, nails and bolts were listed. Steel bars, welding rods, diamond saw blades, hacksaw blades were also added to the other materials that must be procured so the work will start as soon as possible. After three weeks, we were all in awe of the finished result of the work. The church sanctuary looked new with new paintings and decoration. We celebrated the anniversary with renewed hopes and joyful celebration thanking God for His great faithfulness.


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