Thursday, October 25, 2012

Science Investigatory Project

Device will look like this one (image not mine)
One of the major events a High School student would experience is doing the Science Fair Investigatory Project. In fact, high school life and learning would not be complete without having to undergo such phase. My son who will be graduating in his senior year is now finalizing his project. Being a full academic scholar, he wanted his project to excel and leave a mark in the school. He wanted something that would get the attention of the teachers and school administrator thus he is giving his best to the project. 

Since our city suffered from the catastrophic flash flood that claimed thousand of lives and left more than 20,000 families homeless, he aimed to developed a mechanical / electrical device that would set an alarm to the families living near the river banks. At first, we thought of it as an impossible dream but with few research and with my knowledge in civil engineering and my husband’s electrical engineering, I guess we can make a proto-type of his project. 

While drafting the proposed equipment, I was reminded with a site I once stumbled in the internet - A site which is the global leader in design, development and manufacturing of materials for telecommunications, aerospace, space, defense, automotive, industrial, medical and instrumentation. I told my son to browse through site and he was inspired to continue with his project
much more when he saw that the company aims for the development and manufacturing of RF coaxial connectors, antennas, microwave components, fiber optic and multi-pin connectors . I know this is hard to do but when everything is done it will be a great fulfillment not only to my son but for us as well.