Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Will I continue to learn ?

Above is the Tarpaulin of our Cnhurch 26th Anniversary which was beautifully done by my friend Engineer Erich Abad. Eric ,as we fondly call him is an Electronic Engineer and a professor in one of the famous Science and Technology University in our city. When it comes to design for tarps, brochure, certificates and other documents, he’s the person in-charge. I really admired how he do things creatively and fast. I really wish, one of this days I will learn and be trained for graphic design. Eric said that Photoshop can easily be learned. To create their digital marvels and Conquest Graphics are comparable to learning the basic of computer applications. 

He introduced to me GIMP, which is one of the better free graphic design software applications. It has most of the same tools as Photoshop and many interesting filters and features. He downloaded the free software went directly to the tutorials. He taught me some of the most basic skills and identify your tools and their purposes. With my limited mind, I was able to absorbed only few tricks. Maybe, this goes with old age. I believed I need more time to learn the basic of HIMP and Photoshop. Will I continue to learn or just be contented having others do the graphic designs for me?