Monday, December 31, 2012

Use our 2013 wisely for God's glory

As we look into 2013 we look at a block of time. We see 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds. Time is a gift from God. Indeed we have done nothing to deserve it, to earn it, or to purchased it. Like the air we breathe, time comes to us as a part of life. The gift of time is not ours alone. It is given equally to every person. Rich and poor, educated and ignorant, strong and weak. For every man, woman and child has the same twenty-four hours every day. So let us spend time wisely since we are just a steward of it. Use it for the greater glory f of GOD! Amen?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surrender your plans for 2013 to God

 There’s an old adage—if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. James addresses this passage to people who seem to be doing just that. Their business plan was pretty good. They had everything figured out. They would choose when they would leave, where they would go, how long they would stay, what business would be conducted, and even how much profit they would earn.

James’ reply to them is simple: “How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow?” (vs. 14 NLT).

ILLUSTRATION: A while back, the Associated Press ran a story about Andre-Francois Raffray. Almost fifty years ago, at the age of forty-seven, he worked out a real estate deal with Jeanne Calment, who was ninety years old. He would pay her $500 each month until her death, in order to secure ownership of her apartment in Arles, France...Mr. Raffray thought he was looking to the future and making a shrewd investment. But, as it turned out, he had no idea what tomorrow would bring…Neither do you!
Does this mean shouldn’t ever make any plans, just live by the seat of our pants? No, of course not! That would be irresponsible. But it does mean that we must always surrender our plans to God’s purposes. In Psalm 139, David writes, “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed” (Psalm 139:6 NLT). You see, God has his own plans. He mapped out your entire life before you born. He’s the boss. He calls the shots and he has the authority. What he says goes. In other words, God is in control—of everything!

2012 Year End Sermon

Today is the last Wednesday of 2012 and, according to certain prophecy experts; this should not happen because the world just ended last December 21. Both soothsayers and science-fiction scribes have been predicting the end of the world in 2012 based on their interpretation of the ancient Mayan calendar. The Mayan civilization was extremely advanced in mathematics, engineering and astronomy. They also had an incredible understanding of time and space and used various calendars to track time in linear progressions within cycles. The Great Cycle of the Long Count calendar equates to 5,125 years. The current Great Cycle is due to be completed on the winter solstice of 2012, December 21. Many have interpreted the end of the Great Cycle as the end of the world. You may have even seen the blockbuster movie a couple of years ago, titled 2012, billed as an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to nearly all life on earth.

But let’s suspend disbelief for just a moment. What if Jesus really did return last December 21? What if that was really your last day on earth? Would you live your life differently? Would people notice the changes? What alterations would this knowledge have on your stress levels? Your work schedule? Your mood swings? Your temper? Would you sleep better? Would you see sunsets differently?

Bottom-line, we don’t know when Christ will come and we don’t know when we will take our last breath. So as we stand at the threshold of a brand-new year, what are you living for? How can we make the most of the next 365 days. There is a passage of Scripture that I believe can be of help to us as we look forward to the coming year—if we’ll listen to it, that is. The passage is found in the book of James, written by Christ’s younger brother. Here’s what it says:

Pay attention to this! You’re saying, “Today or tomorrow we will go into some city, stay there a year, conduct business, and make money.” You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. What is life? You are a mist that is seen for a moment and then disappears. Instead, you should say, “If the Lord wants us to, we will live and carry out our plans.” (James 4:13-15 GWT). James gets right to the point, doesn’t he? In this brief passage I see three lessons, codified by three simple verbs that are worth remembering as we embark on 2012. The first of those lessons is codified by the verb surrender.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wordfilled Wednesday

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Importance of Car Transmission and Engine

Transmissions and engines play a major role in automobiles but there are lots of drivers who are not aware of this. I started driving our buggy at the age of fourteen without the knowledge of my dad. Although, I didn’t have a driver’s license yet, my father only allowed me to drive with-in our subdivision to send and fetch my younger sister from school. But friends sometimes tempt me to long drives without his knowledge especially when my dad travels. During my junior and senior years in high school, I was able to learn about automotive engines and transmissions and my dad bought me automotive tools and I enjoyed tinkering with car engines during our automotive shop classes. My classmates also enjoyed the time we had in learning about engines and it really added to our knowledge especially that I’m now driving my own ride. It’s quite different when you have a little knowledge about your car.

I understand how important the role of transmission and the car engine is. But reality shows that thousands of people drive with broken automobiles every year due to repairs and irresponsible driving and maintenance.  Sadly, a lot of people do not realize the risks involved and the problem one will face with a leaking transmission or a defective engine can cause. Car mechanics will not take long to get the point across that your car should have been serviced and properly maintained. When it comes to the repair of auto transmissions and engines, it is very essential to take the right measures and make good decisions. During a visit in an Auto Repair shop where my friend had his car checked, I noticed the complex machines for car repairs, transmission rebuild kits and other important specialized tools. This reminded me of my high school days where I really enjoyed tinkering with car engines. As I drive my own car today, I always remind myself to keep my ride in A-1 condition as I don’t want to be caught unaware of any engine trouble.

TCi REbuilding Kit from

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Question and Answer : Ms Universe 2012

"As an international ambassador, do you believe that speaking english should be a pre-requisite to be a Miss Universe? why or why not?"

 Janine Tugunon: for me .. being a miss universe is not just about knowing how to speak a specific language, it's being able to influence and inspire other people. So whatever language you have, as long as your heart deserves and you have a Strong mind to show to people then you can be Miss Universe..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Negros Oriental : Perfect Place for Retirement

We are now in Negros Oriental to attend the wedding of our dear friend. We’ve been partners in the church ministry for quite a long time now, 22 years to be exact and he’s a local pastor to one of our daughter churches in Negros. Visiting this peaceful town, you can still elderly people enjoying the green sceneries of rice fields and sugar cane plantations. In fact we have church members here who are now in their late eighties and early nineties. You can witness their deep friendship with one another and really appreciate their closeness. Families live in close knit societies and the ambience of this place is just right for older folks to stay. Many of the professionals here are working abroad and many of them hire caregivers for their parents to be taken care of. 

The place reminds me Nursing homes Raleigh . The place offer an opportunity to be cared for in a safe and comfortable environment. They provide skilled nursing care for seniors in need . Assisted living facilities Raleigh provide help with meals, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, laundry and other needs. Also their programs includes recreational activities, exercise and health care monitoring. Negros Oriental is a good retirement place indeed.

Skywatch Friday

What a wonderful scenery... I snapped this during  our trip from Cagayan de Oro  City to Cebu City

Friday, December 14, 2012

Concert, Symposium and Advertisement

This would be our 12th year in conducting the True Love Waits campaign here in our city. It started as an idea of starting a youth movement that caters to the youth’s immorality today especially in the area of sexuality. It is a growing problem among the young people today…the problem of promiscuity and that’s one thing that we are fighting for, a fight to preserve the decency of our youth today against moral collapse and bankruptcy. After twelve years of doing moral values formations, seminars, symposia, and counseling, the problem is still apparent but we are much more determined to put up with this noble and worthy fight for our youth today. Next year will be another milestone for all the church’s youth volunteers and workers as we are reaching out to more than ten campuses for the TLW concert and symposium coming February.

The core group decided to conduct a Musical Drama that will cater to more than 2,500 students as our culminating activity after a series of symposia to at least five campuses. And for this, we need several things for our promotional in the schools and at the same time for our sponsors. We’re thinking of hang tags, line stickers and bumper stickers to boost our promotions for this event. We got these ideas when we visited the and it gave us some opportunities to enhance our campaign for this noble undertaking. We are all excited as we busily prepare important things and look forward to seeing thousands of young people attend our concert symposium. This would mean a lot of work for every volunteer but we all remind ourselves that it’s all worth it. We are a group of principled leaders who will not back down to any challenges that will come our way. We will continue to do this task knowing that our young people are the future leaders of our nation.

Pre-nuptial Picture

Doctoral Degree through onlines courses ?

Lawrence Reaves …I think I’ve heard this before. I can connect it with my mom who finished her doctoral degree online! At the age of 50 she embarked into an adventure of her life by enrolling for her doctoral course. It might be a little bit late but it’s better late than later she quipped. Funny though but that’s what my mom did finishing her degree with flying colors. She just couldn’t get enough of her feats from being a classroom teacher, a head teacher, a school principal, to being a regional educational supervisor. In a span of 8 years, she was promoted three times. That’s my mom and at the age of 77 she again worked as a school directress at a Korean International Mission School after just 5 years of enjoying her retirement. 

Online courses are becoming popular today especially for those who have double jobs, entrepreneurs, businessmen, single parents, and professionals who want to finish a course requirement for promotions at the convenience of their homes. Several of my friends tried this one and they were all satisfied with what they accomplish. Some of them are holding supervisory positions in their respective careers. I am planning several times to sign up in an online course in Biblical church management before but failed to do it. I need enough resolution and determination to do it. Being the pastor for youth development and the musical director in our church oftentimes squeezed my time. I have to balance my time with my family and other commitments. But I’m still considering enrolling someday soon as my time will allow. I hope it will not be too late.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Las Vegas Short Sale

My friend dreams of owning a property in the US. She had been dreaming about it since she stepped on US soil two years ago. As a nurse, her income will surely allow her to own one, but for two years now, she had been living with companions at their flat. They all agree that that is the most economical thing, since all of them are sending money to their relatives here in the country. It is easier to purchase a house in the home country, but my friend would really love to live in the place that she had dreamed of all her life. Well, that won't be for long, since she and her fiance are planning to marry in the next few months. So by that time, perhaps her dream will really come true. A huge white house with a picket fence, and a ranch-like exterior. She sees an opportunity since she learned that prices of real property has plunged due to the recession in the US. We all know that the recession has undoubtedly affected the real estate businesses all over the United States. It had been on the news, that people all over the world knew about it. But my friend has always had her hopes up.

Besides, just like in any other country, recession has also hit and somehow managed to turn things around for owners of real property. It was quite a devastating loss that somehow needed a push towards better choices and judgement. Homeowners would rather sell out their property, earn a little from it, or simply be able to get just enough or proportionate amount against their expenses, maintain their good reputation in the real estate company or others, and be able to get another property, rather than opting for foreclosure. The act of selling instead of foreclosure is called short sale, and instead of foreclosure in the state of Nevada Short Sale with las vegas short sale attorney is the best option so far. 

Houses or real property is way too different than ownership of a vehicle. It entails a lot of documentation and all other requirements especially when one wants to own a first hand property. But with short sale, it will be as easy as buying a used car. After all, it is just a little help for the home owner, and not at all a business venture of sorts.

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Congressmen who voted NO to RH Bill

I just opened my face boon today and found this item in one of our groups. These are the following Congressmen VOTED NO to the RH Bill, and therefore, YES to Life and to God and our country. .

1. Abayon, Daryl Grace J. (PL Aangat Tayo)
2. Acharon, Pedro Jr. B. (South Cotabato and General Santos City)
3. Acop, Romeo M. (Antipolo City)
4. Alcover, Pastor Jr. M. (PL ANAD)
5. Almario, Thelma Z. (Davao Oriental)
6. Alvarez, Antonio C. (Palawan)
7. Angping, Ma. Zenaida B. (Manila)
8. Antonino, Rodolfo W. (Nueva Ecija)
9. Apacible, Tomas V. (Batangas)
10. Aquino, Jose II S. (Agusan del Norte)
11. Arago, Ma. Evita R. (Laguna)
12. Arnaiz, George P. (Negros Oriental)
13. Asilo, Benjamin DR. (Manila)
14. Bagasina, Catalina C. (PL ALE)
15. Bagatsing, Amado S. (Manila)
16. Bataoil, Leopoldo N. (Pangasinan)
17. Bichara, Al Francis DC. (Albay)
18. Bonoan-David, Ma. Theresa (Manila)
19. Cabaluna, Salvador III P. (PL I-CARE)
20. Cabilao Yambao, Jonathan (Zambonga Sibugay)
21. Calimbas-Villarosa, Ma. Amelita A. (Occidental Mindoro)
22. Cari, Jose Carlos L. (Leyte)
23. Castro, Jane T. (Capiz)
24. Climaco, Maria Isabelle 'Beng' G. (Zamboanga City)
25. Co, Christopher S. (PL AKO Bicol)
26. Collantes, Sonny P. (Batangas)
27. Crisologo, Vincent 'Bingbong' P. (Quezon City)
28. Cua, Dakila Carlo E. (Quirino)
29. Dalog, Maximo B. (Mt. Province)
30. De Venecia, Ma. Georgina P. (Pangasinan)
31. Del Mar, Rachel Marguerite B. (Cebu)
32. Dimaporo, Fatima Aliah Q. (Lanao del Norte)
33. Ejercito, Joseph Victor G. (San Juan City)
34. Fabian, Erico Basilio A. (Zamboanga City)
35. Ferrer, Antonio A. (Cavite)
36.Fortuno, Salvio B. (Camrines Sur)
37. Fua, Orlando B. (Siquijor)
38. Fuentebella, Arnulfo P. (Camarines Sur)
39. Garay, Florencio C. (Surigao del Sur)
40. Garbin, Alfredo Jr. A. (PL AKO Bicol)
41. Garcia, Albert Raymond S. (Bataan)
42. Garcia, Pablo P. (Cebu)
43. Garcia Pablo John (Cebu)
44. Golez, Anthony Rolando Jr. T. (Bacolod City)
45. Gomez, Lucy T. (Leyte)
46. Gonzales, Aurelio 'Dong' Jr. D. (Pampanga)
47. Gonzalez, Fernando V. (Albay)
48. Gullas, Eduardo R. (Cebu)
49. Javier, Paolo S. (Antique)
50. Lanete, Scott Davies S., M.D. (Masbate)
51. Lico, Isidro Q. (PL Ating Koop)
52. Macapagal Arroyo, Juan Miguel (PL Ang Galing Pinoy)
53. Madrona, Eleandro Jesus F. (Romblon)
54. Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros H. (Zambales)
55. Malapitan, Oscar G. (Caloocan City)
56. Mandanas, Hermilando I. (Batangas)
57. MaraƱon, Alfredo III D. (Negros Occidental)
58. Marcos, Imelda R. (Ilocos Norte)
59. Matugas, Francisco 'Lalo' T. (Surigao del Norte)
60. Mellana, Evelyn P. (Agusan del Sur)
61. Mendoza, Mark Llandro L. (Batangas)
62. Mercado, Roger G. (Southern Leyte)
63. Mercado-Revilla, Lani (Cavite)
64. Montejo, Neil Benedict A. (PL An Waray)
65. Noel, Florencio G. (PL An Waray)
66. Nograles, Karlo Alexei B. (Davao)
67. Obillo, Reena Concepcion G. (PL Una ang Pamilya)
68. Ong, Emil L. (Northern Samar)
69. Pacquiao, Emmanuel D. (Saranggani)
70. Panotes, Elmer E. (Camarines Norte)
71. Paras, Jesus Emmanuel M. (Bukidnon)
72. Payuyo, Ponciano D. (PL APEC)
73. Piamonte, Mariano Jr. U. (PL A Teacher)
74. Plaza, Ma. Valentina G. (Agusan del Sur)
75. Puno, Roberto V. (Antipolo City)
76. Ramos, Deogracias Jr. B. (Sorsogon)
77. Rivera, Michael Angelo C. (PL I-CARE)
78. Robes, Arturo B. (San Jose Del Monte City)
79. Rodriguez, Isidro Jr. S. (Rizal)
80. Rodriguez, Maximo Jr. B. (PL Abante Mindanao)
81. Rodriguez, Rufus B. (Cagayan de Oro)
82. Romarate, Guillermo Jr. A. (Surigao del Norte)
83. Romualdez, Ferdinand Martin G. (Leyte)
84. Romualdo, Pedro P. (Camiguin)
85. Romulo, Roman T. (Pasig City)
86. Salimbangon, Benhur L. (Cebu)
87. Sarmiento, Cesar V. (Catanduanes)
88. Socrates, Victorino Dennis M. (Palawan)
89. Suarez, Danilo E. (Quezon)
90. Syjuco, Augusto Boboy, Ph.D. (Iloilo)
91. Teves, Pryde Henry A. (Negros Oriental)
92. Tiangco, Tobias 'Toby' M. (Navotas)
93. Tieng, Irwin C. (PL Buhay)
94. Ting, Randolph S. (Cagayan)
95. Ty, Arnel U. (PL LPGMA)
96. Umali, Czarina D. (Nueva Ecija)
97. Unabia, Peter 'Sr. Pedro' M. (Misamis Oriental)
98. Unico, Renato Jr. J. (Camarines Norte)
99. Valencia, Rodolfo G. (Oriental Mindoro)
100. Velarde, Mariano Michael Jr. M. (PL Buhay)
101. Velasco, Lord Allan Jay Q. (Marinduque)
102. Vergara, Bernardo M. (Baguio City)
103. Violago, Joseph Gilbert F. (Nueva Ecija)
104. Yap, Arthur C. (Bohol)

Doctoring the Law

Oh it's gonna be on December 15, 2012.. this Saturday already.. I hope I can be able to watch it. Doctoring the Law is a musical comedy by two very interesting talents, who are two different professionals and the best thing about this sis that, the proceeds shall go to THRIVE's projects. I wonder if the band they shall use will use a guitar, a numark ns7 at guitar center... hmmm. we'll see by then.. I am curious about the instrument.. Do you exactly what this is?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Basic automotive repair works

Owning an automobile comes with a lot of responsibility. In order to keep your car in smooth running condition, you must run a car check up periodically through an auto service center or on your own if the tasks is easy and manageable. Learning to know the basic mechanic works is necessary since your car may breakdown in the middle of the road. As for myself I have learned a lot of auto works from my father. I also have a manual of automotive repairs complete with details on the car diagnosis. Change oil?Replacement of some bolts and lead screws ? Minor electrical concerns? Ican do-it-myself. How about you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wordfilled Wednesday

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dagan Kagay-an !

Son of GOD

Faith - Son of God

Horse Back Riding

Summer time in one of the mountainous place here in Mindanao is one of the favorite times of the year for many visitors and tourists. Bukidnon as it is commonly called is famous for it rich farmland. You can also see cowboys with their attractive horse riding apparel every time the main city celebrates their city Fiesta. This attracts many people to see exciting activities lined for this event. Horse fighting is one popular activity that many locals, visitors and tourist would like to witness. Below are some of the images I took during our family vacation in Bukidnon. It was the first time that my children were able to ride horse. It was such as memorable and enjoyable experience for them.

Six Words Saturday


Display cases for my friends business

Our  friend wants to start a business. He daughter is  into fashion designing and loves to design clothes for her mom, two sisters and even here friends. When  they  decided to move to a new place for their  business, they have to buy many  things so they could display  all their gowns and dresses. They need  showcases and counters, wire shelving and hangers. They  could learn ideas too at for trophy display cases for future awards they could receive. 

Skywatch Friday

A scene from a wedding at Funta Sea!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Waiting for documents from the process server

Finally the  long wait is over! After a legal battle for almost a year ,  the Regional Trial Court finally issued a court in our favor .  The National Grid Corporation is ordered to release the payment for expropriation of the portion of our land which was used by   NGCP’s    new line installation and tower erection . Representing the Heirs of our family,  I have been going  to and fro the court attending court proceedings  and complying necessary  documents.  The case which supposed to be completed in 3 months time extended to  9 months due to some complications of papers. 

Now,   two weeks had passed but  I  was not yet able to receive the  court order from the  process server.   The court told me it must have been due to the holidays and the typhoon that struck our city.  How I  wish  the server  do their work as quickly as the California process server.   They file and  serve legal process extremely fast and mostly paperless, with mobile devices, 2-D barcodes, GPS and photos.  Client  get logistics, data, images and a virtual back office wrapped up in every file .  They have  400 employees and 27 software engineers working on smarter solutions for law firms and legal departments.

The term “process server”  is one that  those outside of the legal industry probably have little to no knowledge  but those in the legal industry know all about  and. There are a lot of false impression about what they actually do and what is required of them on a daily basis. It was only when I was involve in our case with National Grid Corporation that I was able to know the term.

What is a process server? They are involved in a variety of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval. Their main task is to deliver legal documents to a defendant or a person involved in a court case. After serving the legal documents, servers must present tangible evidence that the legal papers were served. The evidence that is presented is called an affidavit of service or proof of service, which should  be notarized and given to the individual or company who requested the papers to be served.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Signal No. 3 for Cagayan de Oro City

The super storm Bopha is fast approaching and just this noon signal no. 1 in our city was raised to 2 and the Green alert to Blue alert. Let us pray some more. God is good, let us just do our part. Will get by, you'll see. This too shall come to pass. Keep the Faith! God bless the Cagayanons! God bless the Philppines.