Friday, December 14, 2012

Concert, Symposium and Advertisement

This would be our 12th year in conducting the True Love Waits campaign here in our city. It started as an idea of starting a youth movement that caters to the youth’s immorality today especially in the area of sexuality. It is a growing problem among the young people today…the problem of promiscuity and that’s one thing that we are fighting for, a fight to preserve the decency of our youth today against moral collapse and bankruptcy. After twelve years of doing moral values formations, seminars, symposia, and counseling, the problem is still apparent but we are much more determined to put up with this noble and worthy fight for our youth today. Next year will be another milestone for all the church’s youth volunteers and workers as we are reaching out to more than ten campuses for the TLW concert and symposium coming February.

The core group decided to conduct a Musical Drama that will cater to more than 2,500 students as our culminating activity after a series of symposia to at least five campuses. And for this, we need several things for our promotional in the schools and at the same time for our sponsors. We’re thinking of hang tags, line stickers and bumper stickers to boost our promotions for this event. We got these ideas when we visited the and it gave us some opportunities to enhance our campaign for this noble undertaking. We are all excited as we busily prepare important things and look forward to seeing thousands of young people attend our concert symposium. This would mean a lot of work for every volunteer but we all remind ourselves that it’s all worth it. We are a group of principled leaders who will not back down to any challenges that will come our way. We will continue to do this task knowing that our young people are the future leaders of our nation.