Friday, December 14, 2012

Doctoral Degree through onlines courses ?

Lawrence Reaves …I think I’ve heard this before. I can connect it with my mom who finished her doctoral degree online! At the age of 50 she embarked into an adventure of her life by enrolling for her doctoral course. It might be a little bit late but it’s better late than later she quipped. Funny though but that’s what my mom did finishing her degree with flying colors. She just couldn’t get enough of her feats from being a classroom teacher, a head teacher, a school principal, to being a regional educational supervisor. In a span of 8 years, she was promoted three times. That’s my mom and at the age of 77 she again worked as a school directress at a Korean International Mission School after just 5 years of enjoying her retirement. 

Online courses are becoming popular today especially for those who have double jobs, entrepreneurs, businessmen, single parents, and professionals who want to finish a course requirement for promotions at the convenience of their homes. Several of my friends tried this one and they were all satisfied with what they accomplish. Some of them are holding supervisory positions in their respective careers. I am planning several times to sign up in an online course in Biblical church management before but failed to do it. I need enough resolution and determination to do it. Being the pastor for youth development and the musical director in our church oftentimes squeezed my time. I have to balance my time with my family and other commitments. But I’m still considering enrolling someday soon as my time will allow. I hope it will not be too late.