Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Importance of Car Transmission and Engine

Transmissions and engines play a major role in automobiles but there are lots of drivers who are not aware of this. I started driving our buggy at the age of fourteen without the knowledge of my dad. Although, I didn’t have a driver’s license yet, my father only allowed me to drive with-in our subdivision to send and fetch my younger sister from school. But friends sometimes tempt me to long drives without his knowledge especially when my dad travels. During my junior and senior years in high school, I was able to learn about automotive engines and transmissions and my dad bought me automotive tools and I enjoyed tinkering with car engines during our automotive shop classes. My classmates also enjoyed the time we had in learning about engines and it really added to our knowledge especially that I’m now driving my own ride. It’s quite different when you have a little knowledge about your car.

I understand how important the role of transmission and the car engine is. But reality shows that thousands of people drive with broken automobiles every year due to repairs and irresponsible driving and maintenance.  Sadly, a lot of people do not realize the risks involved and the problem one will face with a leaking transmission or a defective engine can cause. Car mechanics will not take long to get the point across that your car should have been serviced and properly maintained. When it comes to the repair of auto transmissions and engines, it is very essential to take the right measures and make good decisions. During a visit in an Auto Repair shop where my friend had his car checked, I noticed the complex machines for car repairs, transmission rebuild kits and other important specialized tools. This reminded me of my high school days where I really enjoyed tinkering with car engines. As I drive my own car today, I always remind myself to keep my ride in A-1 condition as I don’t want to be caught unaware of any engine trouble.

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