Thursday, December 6, 2012

Waiting for documents from the process server

Finally the  long wait is over! After a legal battle for almost a year ,  the Regional Trial Court finally issued a court in our favor .  The National Grid Corporation is ordered to release the payment for expropriation of the portion of our land which was used by   NGCP’s    new line installation and tower erection . Representing the Heirs of our family,  I have been going  to and fro the court attending court proceedings  and complying necessary  documents.  The case which supposed to be completed in 3 months time extended to  9 months due to some complications of papers. 

Now,   two weeks had passed but  I  was not yet able to receive the  court order from the  process server.   The court told me it must have been due to the holidays and the typhoon that struck our city.  How I  wish  the server  do their work as quickly as the California process server.   They file and  serve legal process extremely fast and mostly paperless, with mobile devices, 2-D barcodes, GPS and photos.  Client  get logistics, data, images and a virtual back office wrapped up in every file .  They have  400 employees and 27 software engineers working on smarter solutions for law firms and legal departments.

The term “process server”  is one that  those outside of the legal industry probably have little to no knowledge  but those in the legal industry know all about  and. There are a lot of false impression about what they actually do and what is required of them on a daily basis. It was only when I was involve in our case with National Grid Corporation that I was able to know the term.

What is a process server? They are involved in a variety of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval. Their main task is to deliver legal documents to a defendant or a person involved in a court case. After serving the legal documents, servers must present tangible evidence that the legal papers were served. The evidence that is presented is called an affidavit of service or proof of service, which should  be notarized and given to the individual or company who requested the papers to be served.
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raya said...

Waiting for the court's decision could be a long one, and I am glad that you won the case, mommy Grace.

jheylo said...

you must have gone through all kinds of stress from this court proceedings. well glad that it worked out for you and that the court's decision is in favor of you.

gracia said...

It's good that you shared very important facts here in your post. I bet it's a long process and stressful to go through these court thingy.

teJan said...

uh i can't imagine the tough work when it comes to court, legalities and papers, just to think about it is already hard for me..hehe. Good you're finally done sis.. Godbless!

Bless said...

Glad that you got the decision from the court in your favor. Going through court proceedings can be very tough and tedious.

emzkie said...

thats great news! it is very tiring and stressful to wait that long. good thing its finally over. here in US everything is automated, so getting documents and filing documents are very fast and easy.