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Mom's Painting : Pointism

Planning an Event in a Wisconsin Banquet Hall

A well-run banquet hall can serve a lot of different purposes. Wisconsin banquet facilities are ideal for weddings, of course, but they're an equally suitable place to hold meetings and other events, provided that the rental company offers a suitable set of amenities.

Unfortunately, many renters don't ask enough questions when choosing banquet halls, usually because they don't know what to ask. When planning any event, renters should consider all of the factors that can drive up costs and affect the rental experience.

Ideally, a banquet center should be specialized and set up for event rentals. Banquet halls should have programmable, flexible lighting systems and amenities like Wi-Fi and projectors for business presentations, photo slideshows and videos. Sound is also important, especially in larger halls where acoustics can be unpredictable.

To stay within budget, renters should set a date as early as possible and contact banquet halls to discuss a rental. Most organizers will ask for the number of guests and whether renters need services like catering or bartending. Cost will vary depending on the size of the hall, the number of guests, the number of staff and a number of other factors, but reputable renters will organize a meeting to discuss all of these costs.

Renters should also ask about uncorking fees, cancellation fees and other potential costs. When properly managed, Wisconsin banquet halls are an affordable, reliable choice for events of virtually any size.

Wednesday Whites

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cheaper Chef wear

Culinary Arts is a famous college course nowadays not only among fresh high school graduate but also from young professionals who wanted to take a second course. Why? Because of the perks that goes with the job. Most of the graduates to this course can work overseas and earned big amount of money. If you want to be a chef, you will need a chef wear before you start your training. A chef uniform includes toque or hat, a double breasted jacket, trousers and apron. Wearing the perfect will make not only make you look good but there are other reasons . The hat of course keeps your hair on your head and out of the food. The coats and trousers are designed to keep you cool in the hot temperatures inside the kitchen. The apron understandably for not getting stains on the clothes.

Are you looking for cheaper  chef  wear ? Visit

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Psalm 23:4

Modern TV Stand

We have a 42 inch flat T.V. given to us by a family friend after we lost almost everything during a destructive flood that hit our city. But we are still looking for flat screen tv stands so we could install it to our flat screen T.V. I like to see movies and watch television programs so that I’d like to see a T.V. stand installed so we could have a comfortable view every time we watch movies with the kids. But we have to set a budget for this and buy one this coming Christmas season. Maybe someone can gift it to us…

Construction of Loft at Tent City

Below are some pictures of our church on-going participating with the construction of LOFTS for the SENDONG VICTIMS's HOUSES located at Calaanan, Cagayan de Oro City. The project is funded by the Emmanuel Relief and Rehabilitation Philippines (ERRP) . While Construction is implemented by Kagay-an Disaster and Emergency Response Network (KDERN) , International Labor Organization and Habitat for Humanity.

Jukebox for my girl

My daughter has a good voice quality. Her school teachers and classmates and even her church mates recognize her voice and she already have attended several programs where she sings. Every time she hears music played, my daughter always sings with it. Next year, she will graduate from Grade six and will be stepping on Grade seven. I’m planning to buy here a karaoke machines for kids  like the one below from   . I am sure she will  get the surprise of her life. The one below us complete with Acesonic KOD-1100 Karaoke Music Jukebox with 500GB HD (HD Upgradeable). 


Happy Pastor's Month

Someone posted this on my face book . I was reminded that October is the Pastor's Appreciation Month. For the last decade we have celebrated the Pastor's Day on October but later changed it to December since our church are occupied with lots of activities for October already. Anyway, Happy Pastor's Appreciation Month to all fellow servants of God

Silver ounce as an investment

My sister wants to buy a silver ounce as part of her collection. She told me that it is a good hobby to collect coin and they’re both doing it with her boyfriend. She told me that it her way of filling the loneliness she felt upon remembering us. My sister has been working in the U.S. for 12 years now and we missed her a lot. We are all hoping that she could spend this Christmas with us this year. The calls and the teleconferences we made are not enough to fill the longing we all have to see our dear sister laugh and spend time with her family here in the Philippines.

Do not Worry... do not fret...

Psalm 37:1: “Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong…”

I remembered this verse as someone told me about his problem. He has been accused of something he did not do...   and that someone spread the news about him.

I told him about the  book of  Psalm . It  shows the happy state of the godly and the short-lived prosperity of the wicked. It can be summed up in the following: “Don’t fume; don’t worry about the other guy; God is the righteous Judge. He will have the last say. Don’t worry.

Worry never solved a problem 
Worry never alleviated a pain 
Worry never paid a debt 
Worry never made an enemy a friend 
Worry never turned a wrong into a right 
Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble—sometimes the troubles of tomorrow—which may never arrive anyway!

Motorcycles! Motorcycles!

 I’ve been craving to drive one anew after selling our motorbike three years ago. I sold it to my dear church friend at a very low price. We needed the money at that time and we have to sell the motorbike. I always took care of that bike and it served us well for five years. The kids missed it too since every morning I have to bring them to school using the motor bike. I also have to give away my head gear just like the Bell Custom 500 I’ve seen in the net. Well, I’m still hoping that after three years, we can buy a brand new motor bike and enjoy riding it with the kids.

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever! Not the Dance!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top 3 Ways To Wear That Smile

Depending on what situation you are in right now, may it be sad or happy, always and as always, SMILE seems to be the only thing that turns that cloudy moment into a brighter sunny day and turns that brighter moment into brilliant perfect day. Isn’t it sound comforting when you have that low mark on a subject and everything around you seems dark, like no one to hold on to and feeling hopeless then your mom suddenly taps your shoulders with that BIG SMILE saying, “Hey, It’s ok! I’m sure you can make it next time!” or how about when after a break up, you feel everything is depressing and maddening, then a friend beside you with that awesome SMILE saying “Hey, I believe, you deserve someone best!” All throughout the day, each individual aims to wear that kind of smile which somehow offers the kind of comfort and hope you need, most especially at times when you need it the most. One great big asset of achieving that smile is no other than having those clean white teeth. How to get that perfect smile? Well, get ready for these Top 3 Ways I happened to browsed online : 1. Observe Proper Oral Hygiene – On top of your list must be brushing your teeth regularly so as to keep it clean. Using floss regularly could also keep your teeth entirely clean with no food particles left from the surface of the teeth and as well as the gaps between it. 2. Eat Healthy Food – Choosing the right kind of food will not only help your body structure become fit but also your oral structures become healthy. 3. Visit Dental Clinic – Do not be afraid to visit this at least twice a year. Or oftentimes, if you prefer. Going to the dental clinic just like Troy Family Dental is very helpful especially on checking and looking after the condition of your teeth. Worry no more! Be obedient to follow these 3 quick and simple ways to wear that perfect smile you need. Not only that it can bring you comfort but most importantly it can influence those around you to do the same and bring laughter and joy to the world. Cheer Up! Just Smile!

Skywatch Friday

Watching the beach and the sky at Boracay Beach Resort

The Tabasco Challenge

Went for Pizza with the kids and had this Tabasco Challenge for fun!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eidul Adha - October 26,2012

Thanks to Proclamation No. 488 signed by President Benigno Aquino III, today October 26, 2012 is a regular holiday throughout the nation in observance of Eidul Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice.

Republic Act No. 9849 provides that Eidul Adha shall be celebrated as a regular holiday,” the proclamation said.Eidul Adha is one of the two greatest feasts of Islam, “it said. The date of the festival, the proclamation said, was based on the declaration made by Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body.

Have a great to all! Enjoy your time with family and friends!

Science Investigatory Project

Device will look like this one (image not mine)
One of the major events a High School student would experience is doing the Science Fair Investigatory Project. In fact, high school life and learning would not be complete without having to undergo such phase. My son who will be graduating in his senior year is now finalizing his project. Being a full academic scholar, he wanted his project to excel and leave a mark in the school. He wanted something that would get the attention of the teachers and school administrator thus he is giving his best to the project. 

Since our city suffered from the catastrophic flash flood that claimed thousand of lives and left more than 20,000 families homeless, he aimed to developed a mechanical / electrical device that would set an alarm to the families living near the river banks. At first, we thought of it as an impossible dream but with few research and with my knowledge in civil engineering and my husband’s electrical engineering, I guess we can make a proto-type of his project. 

While drafting the proposed equipment, I was reminded with a site I once stumbled in the internet - A site which is the global leader in design, development and manufacturing of materials for telecommunications, aerospace, space, defense, automotive, industrial, medical and instrumentation. I told my son to browse through site and he was inspired to continue with his project
much more when he saw that the company aims for the development and manufacturing of RF coaxial connectors, antennas, microwave components, fiber optic and multi-pin connectors . I know this is hard to do but when everything is done it will be a great fulfillment not only to my son but for us as well.

Don Moen Concert at Butuan City

Longing for a good night sleep?Get Tempurpedic Mattress

Research shows that online writers, bloggers, players and every individual who engage in careers that require them to work and glued on seat for long hours just to finish tasks on time are at risks of back pains. Other facts shows that people who are not getting regular exercise, and people who are into vices, poor posture and under stress are more likely to experience severe cases of back pains. Not only that it can affect you physically but also emotionally that you need to re-adjust schedule to work on tasks left pending due to a time-out from work and get rest from back pains. One popular statement says that “People are busy working to survive and end up losing money to live.” Simply, implies how people tends to be too much busy working that they no longer put stress on Healthy lifestyle. Remember that earning money is good but not to the extent that your health will be sacrificed. 

Here are Great Moves I’ve learned from my P.E. Class on how to reduce back pains: 

1. Have a good night’s sleep with a healthy back bed that gives comfort and better sleep. 
2. Do gentle exercise and do not just wait for the pain to subside. 
3. Watch your weight. 
4. Do some body work and body therapy.
5. Go for yoga.
6. Take in natural supplements preferably for the bones.
7. Apply hot and cold therapy .
8. Have that aquatic therapy - sauna or  whirlpools on the go!
9. Try that electric stimulation machine. 

From 1 to 9, I am prioritizing No. 1. Considering that we spend a lot of time on our bed ( Ten to Twelve hours ). For me choosing the right bed or mattress really matters, so it is really of vital importance that we get to select the right bed or mattress . Tempurpedic mattress is one great alternative to solve back pains. Why ? It gives support to the person's body because it moulds itself to the body shape of the person sleeping. In that way, pressure points are avoided. How about you? What’s your secret in reducing back pains?

(This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all the points and views are my own.)

In everything we do...

I Corinthians 10:23-33 In the verses above, Paul tells that in everything we do, God should be praised and glorified. We read in verse 31, “Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.” The word glory speaks of something or someone that is worthy of praise or exaltation. Giving the glory to God is to acknowledge Him as the One worthy of praise and exaltation and ascribing Him praise and exaltation. The Psalmist said in Psalm 21:1-2; 1. Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty, give unto the Lord glory and strength.

Winter Jackets for Girls

My goddaughter who’s grown up in the U.S. with her family (her father is my bestfriend and cousin) told me once that after their vacation here in the Philippines, they all will go back to their place and get ready for the winter season. She related to me that her first experience with winter is not quite pleasant. Her mom panicked upon knowing that a severe snow storm will hit New York City. My goddaughter felt the cold when the snow started falling hard and her mom hurriedly bought new winter jackets for girls so she will not catch cold.


Let’s say you are at a busy intersection and you have just past your destination. What do you want to do? You want to make a u-turn of course. I want you to know that with God… u-turns are always allowed.

A u-turn on our spiritual Sunday Drive is called ‘repentance.’ Repentance is a spiritual u-turn that is always allowed by God and is always followed by forgiveness. Let me say it again: God always allows u-turns.

School Batch Reunion Souvenir Items

Image from

My mind’s been in limbo where to look for personalized coins to be used for our school batch reunion. My classmates decided to have this one as give away so it could be as memorable as it is. We are now on the 25th year of our reunion as batch mates and we want this program to be remembered by everyone of our classmates who will join together with their families. I’m in charged with the tokens and I have suggested for personalized coins to be our give away and the committee agreed on it. I am sure that everyone who will receive this token will like it. Our teachers and mentors will be given too.

We are to walk in love according to St. Paul

 Ephesians 5:2 “And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savior.”

Let your behavior be of a loving nature. In your actions and reactions, let there be love demonstrated. Let love be a part of your life’s attributes or characteristics. Let every act of life be dictated by love to God and man. That is, let your lives be characterized by love; let that be evinced in all your deportment and conversation. “As Christ also hath loved us.” We are to evince the same love for one another which he has done for us. He showed his love by giving himself to die for us, and we should evince similar love to one another.

Paul spoke about the importance of love. Please refer to the following verses :

 1Cor 13:1 ¶ Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

1 Cor 13:2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

1Cor 13:3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. 1Cor 13:13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

1Cor 16:14 Let all your things be done with charity.

Col 3:14 And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness. (completeness)

First Christmas in United States

My dear friend is now working in New York U.S.A. as a public school teacher. He’s been there and his family for 10 years now and their kids have grown up there too. We used to be classmates during our college days and we both took an electrical engineering course. While my friend practices his degree, I have a different calling in life and that is to be a full time church minister. 

The first time they spent their Christmas, he called me up and told me that the winter there was worse than they could imagine. It was very cold at -40 and people are wearing Crescent Moon Gold 10 Snowshoes for extra protection. I have not seen my dear friend for two years now but hope to see him again next summer vacation.

Skywatch Friday

I took this picture while going home.
Thank you Lord for the promise of the rainbow

Brand new instruments for our Worship Team

I’ll call my sister in the U.S. and ask her if she could drop by at the Hercules DJ Sets guitar center and find a good brand of guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, pro audio and accessories for our worship band. We are planning to upgrade all our musical instruments and we have been searching for quality brands in local stores here as well as the internet. Having been using our old instruments for the past 15 years is rewarding to all of us and we all believe it’s high time to buy brand new instruments for our worship team. I hope that my sister could find quality musical instruments and acquire it at a lesser price.

My son playing electric guitar  during  the Youth Church Praise and Worship

Water Adventure

Some of the photos of our Reef Walking ( better known as Helmet Diving) at Boracay Island, Philippines.

Yoga Mat Carrier

Yoga is becoming quite among many movie celebrities nowadays here in our place. Even within the runner’s circle, a local runner’s club in our city, yoga is one recommended exercise for runners too. According to them, they have a different feeling of freshness and relaxation after each yoga session. I would often see my friends with a yoga mat carrier every Wednesday as they do their regular weekly yoga sessions with some of their family members. They also have bonding moments with their friends as they have chit chats after their exercise. 

I have not tried yoga yet...maybe by next year with my wife and kids.

Stop making excuses!

We live in a generation that does not want to be accountable in what we are doing or by the result of what we are doing. Agree? When people become so fat they sue mc Donald When people got cancer they sue the tobacco companies When people got involve in extra marital affairs, they blame their spouses When people cannot go to church they blame their payables and their lack of time. We blame everyone and everything except ourselves and we master in making excuses.

Let us be reminded with the verse :

 Luk 14:16 Then said he unto him, A certain man made a great supper, and bade many:17. And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready. 18. And they all with one consent began to make excuse. The first said unto him, I have bought a piece of ground, and I must needs go and see it: I pray thee have me excused.

The outerbanks

Finding the right place to transfer and settle down is quite challenging. The excitement, thrill and surprise are always there every time we do site visits with the kids. Our daughter would then go directly to the ladies’ room and proudly announce that this is hers. She would imagine the color of her bed sheets, a little lamp shade by her bed side, a picture frame and so on, while our son would happily see his room and imagine his things arranged on a cabinet. My sister upon seeing pictures of our desired house in Face Book called me and told us of the waterfront and luxurious real estate as outerbanks mls here and encouraged us to really buy a new house for us.

As of now, we are waiting for    the realization of our  dream.

Is this logical

I saw this in one of my friend's face book album and I was amused. Is this logical? So no ID means no future? Huh?!

My dad's leather briefcase

My late dad who was a businessman used to carry mens leather briefcase whenever he travels for business transactions to different places. His favorite briefcase was given to him by my mom and that was his constant companion in all his business appointments. I don’t know what happened but I have seen it since my father died. I believe my mom hid it so she could always have a remembrance of my dad. It was a handy case and with high quality of durability since it survived many years of usage in the family. Would I still use it if my mom would give it to me ? I guess, I will still  hide it and keep it for as memorabilia.  I would surely look weird having it on my  out-of-town meetings.

Operation Blessing donation for kids

Sample of the toys we will be giving for our children's outreach. Thanks to Operation Blessings for the donation.

Collector's Item

My sister’s boyfriends who was a government employee working in the U.S. once visited our place. He decided to spend his vacation here in the Philippines in order to get to know us and be familiar with our place and the culture too. He gave my mom some gifts including a painting from Mexico, a Mayan relic and cigars samplers . We put all these things in display at our house and our friends would oftentimes complement as they appreciate the decorations. My mom likes to collect different things and she has a growing of collections like paintings, vases, posters and other memorabilia at home.

Road Signs

Motorcycle lane in manila road is one accomplishment of the MMDA which brought improvement . Accidents were lessen after the motorcycle lane was implemented. Aside from this, they also added different road signs . Talking about this sign reminded me of my experience as first time driver. Learning to drive is an important part of life… especially in this day and age. Cars allow us to travel great distances in shorter and shorter amounts of time. Any person, when learning to drive, must learn some basic road signs. Traffic signs are there for our guidance and mostly for our protection

Hulk Hogan and The Tornado

I used to be an avid fan of wrestling when I was in college. Just to name a few of the wrestling stars I adore; Hulk Hogan, The Tornado, the Ultimate warrior. I would sometimes cut classes just to be updated with wrestling events. I even collected some posters of my favorite wrestling stars complete with their wrestling singlet , face masks, make-ups and other get ups. The excitement of every shows always bring thrill to all of my friends and me as we watch anticipated matches with our favorite wrestling stars. How about you? Who's your favorite wrestler?

Out Flight  Ticket which is 80% the regular price. Thanks to Air Asia!

Tempted to buy vintage bathtub

When we visited a home depot to choose the tile designs for our balcony, I and my wife almost were tempted to buy a vintage bathtub for our master’s bedroom. It is quite an additional feature if we could install a bathtub in our room. We have been dreaming to have one of this for quite a long time already. Even the kids would love to see this in our house. Well, I think we will just reserve this when we transfer to our new house which we also have been praying. I four-bedroom unit is waiting for us in one of the posh subdivision here in our city and we all are looking forward to it.

All things are lawful but not all things are beneficial

 Part of my preaching last night, suring our mid-week fellowship  .

1 Corinthians 6:12 “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power (enslaved by, addicted to, brought under the control) of any.”

When Paul said, “…all things are lawful for me” That is what he was saying. He was simply acknowledging that when a matter is not clearly defined as right or wrong, A Christian could possibly do such a thing and it would not be sin. But the gauge that Paul applied to such things was whether or not it would bring about a wholesome conclusion in a believers life. See, you can’t judge a situation by where it is at, but where it will take you. Whatever it may be does it glorify the Lord Jesus, does it Glorify God.

As we are ambassadors and representatives of Christ, everything we do will be seen by others as a reflection of Christ and will bring either glory to Christ or criticism of Him, the Church and body of Christ.

Forgive me ignorance

My sister surprised me with a gift last August. She called up my mom about something she sent to us and she kept it a secret to me. When the package arrived one evening, I was always excited to open it. My mom, my wife and the kids all flocked to see what’s inside the box she gave us. Upon seeing a watch case with an “eco-drive” printed on it, I was honestly not so attracted with it. Forgive me of my ignorance. I like watches but to wear one that is quite expensive is something new to me. Just like the TAG Heuer FORMULA I , who would not want to own this piece of masterpiece? Will my sister consider buying this for me next time? She already bought an expensive time piece for me and I’m getting used to wearing it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Son's Narrative Report

I woke-up early this morning for my devotional and saw my son alredy glued at the PC. he was making his report. He told me why not publish it on my blog... so here it is.

Chess is a mind game indeed! It involves a lot of thinking and clever strategies. Some chess masters have techniques in reading their opponents next move and even have an advance strategy to counter any attack of the enemy. Some say that a chess expert has five advance moves before he even started the game. What happened during the P.E. chess tournament was a very exciting event for all of us with the heat growing as the participants eyed their possible opponent whom from friends became enemies in chess. We started the program with a prayer in screen lead by Isaiah Fancubit followed by the singing of the national anthem and the LDCU hymn. It was Adam Anay who recited the opening remarks and Isaiah who stated the mechanics. The girls where the one played the game while the boys were the one who officiated. Some of the girls played the game for the first time and they had a hard time identifying the moves of each pieces in the beginning but later on they were able to familiarize them . Everybody enjoyed the game . It ended with fulfillment in our heart. By the way, the winners were : Fritzie Ansin ( Champion) , second was Connie Pogay and the third Sashira Narisma

God's Moral Attribute

God's Moral Attribute includes the following :

  1. Love – 1 John 4:8 “…God is love”
2. Holiness – 1 Peter 1:16 “Be holy, for I am holy.”
3. Mercy – Psalm 103:8 “The LORD is merciful and gracious”
4. Goodness – Psalm 52:1 “The goodness of God endures continually”
5. Gentleness – Psalm 18:35 “Your gentleness has made me great”
6. Truth & Justice – Deuteronomy 32:4 “He is the Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, a God of truth and without injustice; Righteous and upright is He.”

Wordless Wednesday

The best basement floor finish

Above is the our ancestral house basement which my mom planned to renovate before the year ends. For 2012, I can no longer count on my fingers the many renovation and extensions she made to our house. We, her children thought that the house is for sale, but later on realized that mom wanted to keep it basing on the investment she poured to our abode for 30 years. Now she has many options for basement floors , her mind is confused whether to install hardwood , ceramic tile or vinyl. I go for ceramic since some portion are to be used as store room . How about you? What do you think is best?

Wordfilled Wednesdsay

A cry for Trust!

Actually there is a cry for trust in all of us. But for many teens today who find ourselves in a family that is dysfunctional this cry for trust is especially present. We know that there are at least 3 characteristics of a family that is dysfunctional. (1) Don’t TALK. (2) Don’t TRUST. (3) Don’t FEEL. Now here is what that means. In a family that is dysfunctional there is some overwhelming problem that is could include any of the following....alcohol or drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse or if the parents are too rigid. All rules, no love. Very distant. Because of one or more of these things being present the child is forced to keep a secret; they are told do not talk about this to anyone...they are not allowed to express their feelings and the end result is that they grow up believing that they have in fact done something wrong and that they cannot trust anyone. Children in these homes often become very lonely and have a strong sense of failure.

Lots of options in going for vacation

One of the most memorable activities our family can do together is to go on a family vacation. A time of unwinding from the stress of our daily lives – from studies and exams for my children and nerve-racking works in the office . For most families finding the money to enjoy a yearly vacation can be difficult to achieve but with discipline on saving money and the wisdom of getting budget travel option, you and your family can enjoy a great vacation together. The internet offers cheap flights and cheap destination. How about recreation opportunities at oak island nc real estate ? You can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing and jet skiing. Or go the mountains and experience the thrill of hunting and trekking. As I have said, there are lots of options in going for vacation.

Cries of Youth # 1

In surveys that have been done through the years one of the things we have learned about teens today is that even though parents may say " I love you " or give them hugs many young people still do not feel loved. Teenagers crave for someone who will listen to them, who will try to understand their innermost  feelings, This should  come from their parents but if they do not get it from them  they will go somewhere else! 

Ten years ago the American Medical Association published a study of 12,000 teenagers. The study revealed the fact that teenagers who don’t smoke, don't drink,  take drugs, don’t engage in premarital sex,  or commit acts of violence-these teens say the  number 1 reason they don’t do all these things is because they know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved by their parents. Teens who grow up to be healthy well adjusted adults can almost always look back to at least one parent who loved them unconditionally, someone who has gained their respect and has been a model. A mom or dad who loved them with a love they didn’t have to earn. 

Young people today  are crying out for that kind of love.

Kid's cowboy outfit for Halloween

Halloween costume for kids need not to be scary like those for the adults. Some great ideas for kids usually mean letting them dress up as characters they have seen in movies and on television .Superhero will never go out of style for boys. There’s Superman, Hulk, Spiderman and Batman . For 2012 why not let your boy be the cowboy in one of the TV series? There are lots of Kids and Men's Cowboy Hats available online that will surely match their high-cut boots and cowboy jackets. For girls all-time favorites are Hannah Montana, Disney princesses, and Barbie characters. There’s no shortage of great kids' costumes for Halloween just make sure you get it right !

What is your trademark?

Every comedian has a particular “something” or "trademark" that set him/her apart from the rest.

Mr. Bean uses his silence and comic to make people laugh.

Jack Benny used the face in his hand with the classic “well!” to make him popular.

David Letterman uses, among other things, his famous “top ten” list. Rodney Dangerfield has built up his popularity largely on one phrase. “I don’t get no respect!” is used over and over in his shows. And from the stories he tells and the characters he plays in his movies you can understand why!

 A young man in the New Testament had the same problem. Paul tells Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12, "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Proposed Apartment

Cutting cost on plumbing works

Having a problem with Plumbing  at home is quite uneasy. Going back to our ancestral home after sixteen years and meeting the inevitable when you cannot use the comfort rooms due to a clogged drainage and an overflowing septic tank is very uncomfortable indeed. We also have to deal with the worst scenario. No plumber in town is available a week after the devastating flood that hit our city and no septic tank excavator is also available to deal with the overflowing septic tank. That happened just six months ago and we could not forget it at all. We have to go to our friends’ home just to use the comfort room.

There’s always a point when you own a home and in your life you will deal with plumbing issues. And hiring professional plumbers to do the job is quite expensive nowadays. We spend almost five thousand pesos for the repairs and excavation of our septic tank. You cannot do anything about it because you know how important it is to have plumbing fixtures that work right. It’s good that we have friends who willingly share their home for us and understand our plight but still it was awkward at that time. Our church too played a very important role in helping the flood victims and serving the members so we could also serve others.

People sometimes might get hit with a shock when they find out the money they have to spend for damaged fixtures at home. A do-it-yourself job can surely save you some bucks but it would also be uncomfortable is you work full time. me and my wife  worked  full time as church ministers and during that incident (the problem with the fixtures and septic tank), we were also busy with preparing the distribution of relief good for the flood victims in our city. We have to wake early to prepare the things and go home late at night tired from the day’s work. But again, that experience made us realize the importance of planning and scheduling you scope of work so you could accomplish much. Now, we could look at that experience as part of seeing things in a positive way.

(This is a sponsored post for Rotorooter, however, all the points and views are my own.)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Representing the Scripture

It is very important as we use God’s Word that we are committed to saying no more and no less than what the Bible actually say. If we mishandle the Word of God, we misrepresent it, which ultimately misrepresents God’s character. This is why Paul challenged Timothy and told him to “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). A key priority for unashamed, approved workers for Christ is to accurately interpret (“rightly divide”) God’s Word. As we study, we can depend on the Spirit, who inspired it, to give us understanding and wisdom. Through our words and actions, we have opportunity to represent God’s Word in ways that genuinely reflect God’s heart. That is one of the greatest privileges of our Christian life.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Habitat for Humanity Houses

Sample of the houses built by Habitat for Humanity for the Typhoon Victims in Cagayan de Oro City. The installation of LOFT by theEmmanuel Relief and Rehabilitation Philippines (ERRP) and theKagay-an Disaster and Emergency Response Network (KDERN).

Decoration Styles

My mom has the knack on house decorations. Every event has her mind running to do new things, invent new house designs and rearranging the house furniture. She always wants to create new ideas and it doesn’t bother her even if she has to spend a lot to do it. As early as now, my mom is thinking of preparing our house for the coming Christmas family celebration. We do this every year. She has all the details listed including the best selection of printed burlap table covers for the tables at home. She is looking forward to host a big party for us and for some visitors who will drop by for Christmas.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Matthew West

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My son is into guitar playing

 He plays regularly with the church’s youth band. He has been learning this skill for the past three years and we are so glad that he improved a lot and is now applying what he learned in a very productive way. He told me once that he wants to buy his own guitar. On a family trip to Davao, we decided to buy for him a brand new one just like top Bbe we’ve seen on the net. We could see his excitement and gratefulness as he held his own electric guitar. He promised to practice well and use his talent in a good way. We are glad to have made that decision three years ago. Now, we can say with a humble heart that God is using him in the ministry to reach out to the young people in this generation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Certificate of Appointment- Template

Will I continue to learn ?

Above is the Tarpaulin of our Cnhurch 26th Anniversary which was beautifully done by my friend Engineer Erich Abad. Eric ,as we fondly call him is an Electronic Engineer and a professor in one of the famous Science and Technology University in our city. When it comes to design for tarps, brochure, certificates and other documents, he’s the person in-charge. I really admired how he do things creatively and fast. I really wish, one of this days I will learn and be trained for graphic design. Eric said that Photoshop can easily be learned. To create their digital marvels and Conquest Graphics are comparable to learning the basic of computer applications. 

He introduced to me GIMP, which is one of the better free graphic design software applications. It has most of the same tools as Photoshop and many interesting filters and features. He downloaded the free software went directly to the tutorials. He taught me some of the most basic skills and identify your tools and their purposes. With my limited mind, I was able to absorbed only few tricks. Maybe, this goes with old age. I believed I need more time to learn the basic of HIMP and Photoshop. Will I continue to learn or just be contented having others do the graphic designs for me?

Love your Enemies

Home and Office Floor Finish

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”, says the popular English Novelist, Jane Austen. Practically speaking, one of the fundamental reasons of having a home is pointing directly to the essence of the kind of COMFORT it gives. This is the fact which every individual can relate to. Generally, home is where you get to enjoy being with your loved ones after a hectic day of snowed under work. Just Chit-chatting, talking and laughing with them are the moments one would not trade for anything, not even for money. Relationships have been made stronger each day, these significant moments that take place in a home with a comfortable and refreshing area of your house. Great moments happen in your own homes. It’s one of the possessions that is close to your heart. Keeping it clean and invigorating is one of the things you as a homeowner should consider. Its foundation which is the flooring will be the very first thing that you regard as a target for enhancement. Have you ever thought of refining it? Have you been figuring out of the best yet affordable ways to improve it? Wondered if there are ways to keep its good ambiance? Well, Good news! There is an answer to all your questions. Yes, only one. And it is summed up into seven words: Foote Bros. Carpet One Floor and Home. 

Giving you the satisfaction you need to have beautiful flooring in your own house, is one of the purposes of this industry. Offering you options which you can choose from: carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, area rugs and more without being worried sick with the “beyond budget” concerns. Not only that it can give you flooring options but also the varied brands that give out the best quality from Relax, it’s Lees, Tigressa, Bigelow, Resista Soft Style, Hanover Hills Hardwood, Rustic River Hardwood, and down to Mirror Lake, with its grandest style, class and durability, no one can resist to experience it. Plus, the X-Factor of professionals or experts in flooring services are added into the picture who will definitely guide and assist you all throughout your ride of choosing the best flooring option that will work for you. On the process of flooring installation, rest assured that there will be experts who will eventually help you understand what you are engaging into. Foote Bros. Carpet One Floor and Home truly understands you. This industry will address all the mind-squeezing questions you have. Beyond doubt, testimonies of those who experienced their services would recommend this industry to any home owner. Be the one to judge its product. Transforming your house to a real home?For more info go for Foote Bros. Carpet One Floor and Home.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Church Stage

Woodfins : The first e-Commerce site for Used Auto Parts

Car repairs cost varies on several factors. It depends on the country / area you are living in. As per report, Tokyo and New York car repair works triple than the average urbanized city. Another is the age of your car, its brand and make. Of course foreign imported cars are costlier to repair. Modern cars with modern electronic / electrical devices t have added to the comfort of the driver, but this has also given rise to the disadvantage on car repairs. Their parts are difficult to find and you might need to visit specialized auto repair shops for this purpose. However, there are some things you can do to keep your car repair costs to be lowered. Reading the manual thoroughly would is a must . This can give you very good tips for self repair. But if repair works calls for a professional, do not hesitate to do so. There are lots of trusted auto repair shops today that can guarantee quick and affordable repairs like the Woodfins . They developed the first e-Commerce site for Used Auto Parts. Woodfin's is recognized by the worldwide Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) as a Certified Automobile Recycler (CAR), a distinction awarded to a limited number of automotive recyclers in the world. This certification requires extensive tests in the general business, safety, and environmental areas, and it means we’re dedicated to safe, efficient, and quality recycling of used auto parts.Planning for car repairs? Visit the site now.

First Evangelical Community Cooperative ( Fecco)

Hardworking Coffee Cat

Nothing beats the feeling of having a hot cup of coffee supplemented to your breakfast in the morning before going to work with its distinct aroma and taste. For hard-working career people, it gives vibrant energy enough to start another busy day. Caffeine consumption could also pose a number of health benefits which include: improved attention and enhanced memory, better intraocular pressure, lessen the risk of heart and liver disease; and finally, amplified motor skills. Coffee could also keep us company during late night overtimes to finish our tasks. For meticulous workers, coffee is an important element of everyday life.

Our tastes in making our own coffee can come with various preferences. Most importantly, consider to find the right machine to make the right coffee of your taste.Proctor Silex products could help find the suitable appliance for your own convenience. When spending for your very own coffee maker, be sure to buy the best quality and the most seemly features that could ever fit your style and needs. For busy persons, find a coffeemaker that is easy for you to use since one could not afford to devote more time just studying about the machine so much and there is so much tasks to do. Next, find programmable timer features such as auto shutoff, auto pause and serve. This would prevent overspills when you can’t attend to your coffee-making, the coffeemaker would gladly do it for you. Also, look for coffeemakers that would make more coffee that could make up to 12 cups a day perhaps, depending on your demand for your visitors, co-workers, for the family or for yourself. All these features could be found on Proctor Silex Coffee Makers site and choose your buddy that could make the best coffee for you. Basically, coffee is just a matter of personal palate. For hardworking people, you should be careful in choosing the machine that works the convenience for you because you are also working hard too.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Preaching : “MAJOR, MAJOR” Choices Of Life

The quality and meaning of our lives in this live and the next will be powerfully impacted by the following choices we make. Of course… There are the general major choices of all our lives...

 1. "What kind of work will I do?" – Next year we will have many graduates…and their decision to enroll in their courses today will not be the assurance of the kind of work they will have. There are nursing, engineering, accounting and education graduates who are not working in their respective vocation. The question is… What are you going to do with your work life? How are you going to use your unique gifts and talents to provide for your needs and others’ need and make a difference in this world? This can mean a whole series of decisions including, "what school, college, university or training program is best for me." It’s a HUGE choice. 

 2. "Who am I going to marry?" -You think that’s a big-ticket decision? You think the person you vow to stay with the rest of your life will impact your life? Probably every married person in this room had wondered, "What if I had married someone else?" -HUGE choice. For a Christian it becomes even more important as God tells us that we need to marry someone who shares Christ in common with us and is going the same direction. And then you add the children that come to most marriages into the equation…

 3. "Where will I live?"-Again a BIG decision.

Preparing for BHCCCI Anniversary

A month before the 26th anniversary of our church, the leadership decided to build a balcony in the church sanctuary to cater the growing number of people attending the Sunday worship celebration. The construction workers were given three weeks to finish the job just in time for the anniversary program. After the initial meetings and the finalization of the design, the construction head gave us a list of materials to be acquired for this project. Different sizes of wood, plywood, nails and bolts were listed. Steel bars, welding rods, diamond saw blades, hacksaw blades were also added to the other materials that must be procured so the work will start as soon as possible. After three weeks, we were all in awe of the finished result of the work. The church sanctuary looked new with new paintings and decoration. We celebrated the anniversary with renewed hopes and joyful celebration thanking God for His great faithfulness.

Friday, October 5, 2012

STILL Hillsong VE Projecy

My son's own creation.. for the Values Education Project in School.

The Cheapest Floor Renovation Option

Planning a floor renovation? It’s practical to consider the furniture, appliances and the volume of people walking into your floor before choosing your floor finish. Another thing is review the materials, the ease of installation, ease of maintenance, durability, costs and the overall look and feel . Of course for every family and every situation there are advantage and disadvantage to each of the different flooring options. A busy family of Six with pets like dogs and cats might consider something less expensive , more durable and scratch resistant than a single homeowner.

Ceramic tile is an incredibly durable, easy to maintain flooring renovation option. We have just finished installation outdoor tiles at our porch last month and it cost as less than what we have expected. So if you are in a a hurry and in a tight budget, consider this type of flooring. If you wish to get more savings, get it from Flooring America, you can Get $100 off your next purchase of other flooring materials and consumables. They have the latest design from like Akando, Catlin, Spinoza , Lucretiius , Copper or the Lennox shown below.

Visit the site now to see more floor options. They can help you decide what’s the perfect option for you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordfilled Wednesday

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Preaching : Misunderstanding Grace

Many love this subject. I love this too. The idea of this “Undeserving Favor” gives me a different confidence in my Christian service and life. It really boosts my self esteem knowing the assurance and insurance I got from my loving God though I don’t really deserve it. Not that the name of my wife is Grace, I simply love the idea of God’s tough love overlooking my sinfulness and extending His mercy and favor to such an undeserving man as I am. In fact, my two favorite subjects of all time are God’s Grace and God’s Love. I believe those to be the two dominant themes in Scripture. However, I’ve noticed that many misunderstand the subject of grace; or at least have an incomplete view of what it’s all about.

Some people see the grace of God as something like the benevolent love of a senile old grandfather. He just loves us so much, because we’re so loveable, and He just sort of forgets about our sin. To be sure, there is some element of truth in there. God does indeed love us, though it’s not because we’re so loveable. And His grace does cause Him to not hold us accountable for our sin, but it’s not just forgotten about, is it? It has been dealt with righteously in the sacrifice of His Only Son. Grace is a costly thing. It’s the ultimate sacrificial action of a holy and righteous God, preserving both His justice and His mercy at the same time.

Others focus on the grace of God as nothing but fire insurance. And certainly it is about providing our most basic need, which is forgiveness and reconciliation with a Holy God. But that’s where most of us stop: It’s about getting saved. It’s about escaping the flames. It’s about the forgiveness of sins and that’s it. Well it is about those things, but that’s not it.

Reading through Titus recently I was reminded again of God’s ongoing purpose of Grace in our lives with these words:

Titus 2:11-15

Amplified Bible (AMP)
11 For the grace of God (His unmerited favor and blessing) has come forward (appeared) for the deliverance from sin and the eternal salvation for all mankind.
12 It has trained us to reject and renounce all ungodliness (irreligion) and worldly (passionate) desires, to live discreet (temperate, self-controlled), upright, devout (spiritually whole) lives in this present world,
13 Awaiting and looking for the [fulfillment, the realization of our] blessed hope, even the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Christ Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One),
14 Who gave Himself on our behalf that He might redeem us (purchase our freedom) from all iniquity and purify for Himself a people [to be peculiarly His own, people who are] eager and enthusiastic about [living a life that is good and filled with] beneficial deeds.
15 Tell [them all] these things. Urge (advise, encourage, warn) and rebuke with full authority. Let no one despise or disregard or think little of you [conduct yourself and your teaching so as to command respect].

So grace is about bringing salvation, but it is also about training. It’s about disciplining us, educating us, teaching us to do several things. The grace of God teaches us to:

1.   To Intentionally Reject and Renounce Sin.
Verse 12: training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions. Other translations say denying ungodliness and worldly lusts. One paraphrase says to turn our backs on a godless, indulgent life. (MSG)

However you translate it, the point is the same. God’s grace at work in our lives should cause us to come to hate sin, to turn from it, to abhor it, to do all in our power to abstain from it; have nothing to do with it. If God is at work in you, if you have come to Christ by grace through faith, if His Spirit is truly at work in your life, then one of the noticeable effects of His presence should be a growing hatred of sin and an ever increasing passion to avoid it.

It has been well said that we’re punished not only for our sins, but also by our sins. The point is that sin’s presence in our lives is punishment in and of itself, because sin is naturally harmful to us. That was the underlying principle at play when David cried out, “My iniquities have gone over my head; Like a heavy burden they are too heavy for me” (Psalm 38:4). God never created or intended for human beings to handle sin. It’s simply bad for us all the way around: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In the long run, sin will always leave us the worse for wear, and it will always get more out of us than we ever get out of it. As a matter of fact, it will always drive us to the point of desperation where we cry out along with David, “I just can’t carry this anymore. It’s too heavy for me!” We were never meant to harbor or carry around sin, and yet we often do so, to our own self-destruction. But when we see sin for what it truly is—when we understand how hurtful and hazardous it is—we won’t want to get away with it but, rather, we’ll want to get rid of it.

2.                  To progressively Seek Holiness.

Again in verse 12: training us…to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age. Kings James says soberly, righteously, and godly. It’s not enough that we turn away from sin, we also need to actively, and progressively turn toward God in holiness.

And that doesn’t just mean the “big” sins vs. the “big” acts of holiness. It goes to the little things. Alexander Maclaren put it this way: “Ah! If our likeness to God does not show itself in trifles, what is there left for it to show itself in? For our lives are all made up of trifles. The great things come three or four of them in the seventy years; the little ones every time the clock ticks.” Which is to say that we ought to be focused on seeking godliness and holiness and self-control and righteousness in the little things all day, every day.

It means seeking to live godly lives not only out in public where everyone sees us; but at home with our wives and children. It means seeking holiness in those everyday moments when we’re alone, driving in the car, when we think no one else can see us or know our thoughts. It means seeking to honor and glorify Christ with our every breath.

3. To Patiently Anticipate Heaven.

I know that we don’t often put patiently and anticipation together, but that’s exactly what’s required of us here. Verse 13 says, we are to be waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

John Gill writes of this verse that we should be “looking for this… to be desiring it with the heart and affections set upon it, longing to be in the enjoyment of it, and yet waiting patiently in the exercise of faith and hope.”

We’re only passing through; Scripture says we are strangers and aliens here. This is not our home. We long for our true home, that better country Hebrews talks about. We may have never seen it, we really don’t know that much about it, but we know who’s there waiting for us, and that makes us long for it.

4. To Passionately Serve Christ.

Verse 14 says that part of God’s purpose in grace is “to purify for himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works.” God wants a people who are zealous for good works. Not just willing to work, but zealous for it.

And this isn’t the only place in Scripture where the work of grace in our lives is associated with God’s desire for us to serve him. Probably the most well known verses on grace are in Ephesians 2 where Paul writes: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

We know that well. For me, it’s the foundation for my theology of Grace. But we often overlook the very next verse where Paul completes the thought. Verse 10 of Ephesians 2 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” God’s purpose of grace is that we passionately, zealously serve Him because we were created for this very purpose.

Just wanted to challenge us all to think of grace a little more. And then ask ourselves: Is the grace of God at work in your life. First and foremost, have you experienced that grace by faith in Jesus Christ? Have you come to Him in faith and found the salvation we all desperately need?

And if so, do you see the continued work of grace in your life? Are you purposely avoiding sin; progressively seeking holiness; patiently anticipating heaven; and passionately serving Christ? Can you say an unreserved yes to all four of those areas?

Our forgiveness, our justification, is only the first step. God wants to continue His sanctifying work in you as well. My prayer is that we would all seek Gods’ purpose of grace in our lives, that when He does return, those most glorious words will reach our ears: well done, my good and faithful servant.

Thanks for letting me preach.