Friday, February 8, 2013

Physical,Emotional and Financial Turmoil

Horrible mood swings, feeling fuzzy , nausea every morning and heart palpitations were some of the problem my wife’s friend  is facing right now. She was thinking it must be because of the difficulty in coping up  with the challenges  of life. Her husband has been unemployed for a long time now and  her meager salary can not cope up with the need of the family( She has 3 children in college and 2 in high school).   Financially , emotional and physically, she’s drained so she summed up everything she’s feeling as just stress. When she started  to have sleepless nights, panic attack and memory loss, my wife told her that something is really wrong and she have to see  a doctor.

The finding was all the physical and emotional abnormalities she  has been suffering for almost a year now is caused by  the  Intrauterine Device (IUD) she has been using for a long time. The birth control devide inserted into  the uterus has been identified as a possible cause of several dangerous conditions she  is undergoing now. I heard about Mirena IUD and the many side effects users has been suffering . Some ended up in lawsuits but others remain in silence.

Now my wife’s friend decided to have the device removed.  I believed she has suffered enough with this kind of contraceptive   and it’s time to   shift to another method. Why not  adopt the natural method? Anyway, she’s going into the state of pre-menopausal period. I don’t think she will be pregnant again. What can you advise to our friend?