Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reasons on the conflict between North Korea and South Korea!

 As me and my son wee watching the CNN news regarding  North Korea's war declaration against   South Korea, my son asked me   what is the root cause of their conflict. I can not answer him straight but according to history, the Korean War has actually been going on since the initial war broke out between North and South Korea in 1950. Since then, the trouble between these countries  has never ended, amidst countless  attempts to stop it. Rather, there was merely a ceasefire that was never resolved.

Whatever truce there was between them was not apparent, even to most of the rest of the world. There have been different versions as to the real cause for this conflict between the North and South Korea. Some people  say that it is just a cover-up for the real raging battle for political and economic power between the United States, which supported South Korea and the Soviet Union, which backed up North Korea.

How about you what do you think is the real reason of their conflict?