Friday, June 28, 2013


Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:1 1. In Ecclesiastes we find the perspective of one who searched for the meaning of life... a. The "Preacher" (Solomon) examined wisdom, riches, and pleasure b. He shared the fruits of his search: what he saw as vanity, and what was good 2. To those who are young, he offered the following exhortations... a. Rejoice in your youth – Ecc. 11:9 b. Remove sorrow and evil from your youth – Ecc. 11:10 c. Remember God in your youth – Ecc. 12:1 d. Reflect upon what is coming – Ecc. 12:1 3. I doubt that many young people would take issue with the first exhortation... a. They gladly rejoice in their youth b. They are happy to let their hearts cheer them, to walk in the ways of their hearts and in the sight of their eyes 4. But the remaining exhortations...? a. To remove sorrow and evil, remember God, reflect upon what is to come? b. Doesn't that take the joy out of youth?