Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thanks to my BHCCCI Family

Thanks to my BHCCCI Family and for my youth core group for the tarpauline. Your messages encourages me so much. ( I was hospitalized for 10 days , a separate post will follow...)

New drum set with drum shield

Why do many young people get attracted to it? I’m talking about playing drums in a band. Many young people in our place go loco for it. A group of young ladies even volunteered to practice playing drums and master it and form a ladies’ band on their own. That great drum shield at musicians friend would surely be a much needed tool for our church to neutralize too much noise and at the same time encourage these young people to practice more. Our drum set has been with us for almost 20 years, I guess it's time to buy a new set complete with drum shield and other accessories.

BHCCCI Doctrinal Studies

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Post Card Collector's Fb Group

Postcard collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. My wife and her blogger friend has this post card collector's group on facebook where they exchange post cards, track down favorite artists , share postcards from their childhood or beautiful pictures of the world . I guess post card collection it's an exciting hobby basing from the joy and happiness of the group members. Some members go the the extent of looking for wholesale postcard and resell it to other members. When I was a little kid, my Mom would travel a lot for his job as supervisor. No matter where she was she would find time buy post card. I still have most of them and every once in awhile I take them out and reminisce.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

John Maxwell's Million Leaders Mandate

Million Leaders Mandate is a global initiative to train millions of Christians worldwide with the necessary leadership skills to effectively pursue the Great Commission in their communities, workplaces, and churches. Million Leaders Mandate was launched in Asia in January of 2003 and expanded to Africa, Europe, and Latin America in successive years from 2004 to 2006. Million Leaders Mandate is currently active in more than 176 countries on five continents. EQUIP Leadership® staff and Associate Trainers (pastors and Christian business leaders) are training tens of thousands of certified trainers in key nations, who in turn will train other leaders each. The exponential result is millions of leaders trained. 

In the Philippines, John Maxwell Leadership Training is held twice in a year. Cagayan de Oro City ( the city where I live ) is just so privileged to be chosen as one of the cities where the training is held aside from Manila. This year's Volume III Book 6 " The Graduation" will be at the First Assembly of God Church, 11th-29th Sts. Nazareth. See poster for more details! See you on August 1 & 2 !

( To know more about the ministry of JOHN MAXWELL and the MILLION LEADER'S MANDATE click here )

Monday, July 8, 2013

Remembering God in the days of your youth Part III


      1. The foolish child
         a. Doesn't remember God in his youth
         b. Won't listen to the advice of others
         c. Has to learn for himself
         d. Invariably makes a mess out of his life (in health, marriage, or career)
         e. Spends good portion of life undoing foolish actions of youth
         f. Suffers from the consequences of his actions
      2. The wise child
         a. Remembers God in his youth
         b. Follows God's advice, and that of others
         c. Learns from the mistakes of others
         d. Begins life with a solid foundation and good head start
         e. Able to accomplish more good in life
         f. Will enjoy pleasurable memories, not bemoan his past
      -- What a difference in the quality of life there can be when one
         makes the right choices while young!

      1. By learning to respect authority now (beginning with parents)
         - Ep 6:1-3
      2. By learning to control your body (as did Paul) - 1Co 9:27
      3. By obeying the gospel - Ga 3:26-27
      4. By growing spiritually, bearing the fruit of the Spirit – Gal.5:22-24
      5. Thus becoming an example of the believers - 1Ti 4:12
      -- This is what is involved in remembering God while young

1. No one can be "forced" to remember God in their youth...
   a. We can only point out the dangers when one does not
   b. We can remind you of the benefits when one does
   -- I hope this lesson will encourage the young person to make the
      right choice
2. But one thing is certain:  God will remember!
   a. God will bring you into judgment for all that you do - Ec 11:9
   b. Which is why one should "Fear God and keep His commandments" - Ecc

You only live once...will you make the right choice to "Remember God In
The Days Of Your Youth"?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remember God In The Days Of Your Youth, Part II


      1. An important principle of life to remember - Gal 6:7-8
      2. What you do while young can permanently affect your future
      3. Not just your future in eternity, but your future in this life!

      1. Sowing the seeds of rebellion
         a. Young people are often inclined to rebel against all forms of authority (parents, teachers, police, etc.)
         b. Yet God has ordained that we submit to authority - Rom 13:1-2; 1Pe 2:13-14
         c. Rebellion against authority has caused many young people to spend years in prison
      2. Sowing the seeds of lying - speaking falsehood with the intention of deceiving. An act of deception that separates you and your love ones…

There’s also a second type of lying. When you hold back information that you know is necessary for another person to get a true picture of the situation, you are also intentionally deceiving. A wonderful Gospel story that I—ll talk about shortly gives a clear example of this type of lie.
Cheating is a combination of lying and stealing. When you cheat, you are misleading others in one way or another, and that—s lying. Often, cheating also involves taking information or ideas that really belong to someone else.
For example, if you copy from the test on the desk of the really smart student who sits right in front of you and then hand in those answers as your own, you are stealing the results of that student—s hard work and study. You are also giving your teacher the false impression that you figured out the answers yourself.

         a. Many young people think nothing of lying
         b. Once you are caught in a lie, your credibility is shattered
         c. Your word means nothing, you can no longer be trusted
         d. This has adverse affects on your relationships and your employments
      3. Sowing the seeds of stealing
         a. Shoplifting and other such crimes are rampant among many young people
         b. If caught, others will be suspicious and you will not be given positions of fiscal responsibility
      4. Sowing the seeds of fornication
         a. Sex among young people is very popular
         b. Yet many do not consider the "high price":
            1) Sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphillis, AIDs
            2) Unwanted pregnancy (often compounded by abortion)
            3) Forced marriages, which often lead to divorce
      5. Sowing the seeds of drugs
         a. Drugs have great potential for ruining our lives
         b. What so bad about drugs?
            1) Some are illegal, and their use violates Ro 13:1
            2) Many are addictive, and their use violates 1Co 6:12
            3) Others are destructive to the body, and their use
               violates 1Co 6:19-20

[It has been said that "Most men spend the first half of their live making the second half miserable." (La Bruyere)  That is why you need to "Remember God In The Days Of Your Youth."  When you do, then the following can be true...]

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Remember God In The Days Of Your Youth, Part I


      1. Death frequently strikes those who believe they are invincible
         a. Accidents
         b. Disease
         c. War
      2. In the course of my youth, I saw it happen time and again
         a. Terry King (17) died of liver cancer
         b. Tim Heffer (15) dropped dead of a heart attack
         c. My classmate did not wake up one morning; his bodily functions simply stopped!
         d. Two college classmates (20) were killed in car wrecks
      3. Not to be morbid, nor to scare, but to face reality
         a. No one is promised the future
         b. Life is truly just a vapor - James 4:14-17
      -- As a recent bumper sticker put it:  "Many who plan to repent at the 11th hour, die at 10:30"

      1. He is coming in judgment - 2Peter 3:7,9-11; 2Thess. 1:7-9
      2. There will be "youths" at that time
         a. Who will not have the benefit of a long life
         b. Who will not have the time to change -- Therefore, we ought to prepare for the future (which is a sign
         of maturity)

[Even if one is blessed to live a long life, with plenty of time to change, there is another reason to "Remember God In The Days Of Your Youth"...]

Heavy Burdens

We all get down at times and we then feel life is too much. Now that is quite natural . Indeed, life is complex enough for that. But we can and should make a conscious effort to get out of this mental trap. It is Satan that suggests any kind of negativity, inferiority , violence, including self-harm, and we should never yield to this wicked suggestion of the devil. There can be many reasons for feeling low, some people may think it just happens without reason but it's not so. For every effect, there is always a cause. The reasons can of course be varied but they always exist. The good news is , we can overcome this feeling of lowliness if we seek the healp of God. He said in His word " Come to me all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads ". Are your burdened with something ? Call upon Jesus!