Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remember God In The Days Of Your Youth, Part II


      1. An important principle of life to remember - Gal 6:7-8
      2. What you do while young can permanently affect your future
      3. Not just your future in eternity, but your future in this life!

      1. Sowing the seeds of rebellion
         a. Young people are often inclined to rebel against all forms of authority (parents, teachers, police, etc.)
         b. Yet God has ordained that we submit to authority - Rom 13:1-2; 1Pe 2:13-14
         c. Rebellion against authority has caused many young people to spend years in prison
      2. Sowing the seeds of lying - speaking falsehood with the intention of deceiving. An act of deception that separates you and your love ones…

There’s also a second type of lying. When you hold back information that you know is necessary for another person to get a true picture of the situation, you are also intentionally deceiving. A wonderful Gospel story that I—ll talk about shortly gives a clear example of this type of lie.
Cheating is a combination of lying and stealing. When you cheat, you are misleading others in one way or another, and that—s lying. Often, cheating also involves taking information or ideas that really belong to someone else.
For example, if you copy from the test on the desk of the really smart student who sits right in front of you and then hand in those answers as your own, you are stealing the results of that student—s hard work and study. You are also giving your teacher the false impression that you figured out the answers yourself.

         a. Many young people think nothing of lying
         b. Once you are caught in a lie, your credibility is shattered
         c. Your word means nothing, you can no longer be trusted
         d. This has adverse affects on your relationships and your employments
      3. Sowing the seeds of stealing
         a. Shoplifting and other such crimes are rampant among many young people
         b. If caught, others will be suspicious and you will not be given positions of fiscal responsibility
      4. Sowing the seeds of fornication
         a. Sex among young people is very popular
         b. Yet many do not consider the "high price":
            1) Sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphillis, AIDs
            2) Unwanted pregnancy (often compounded by abortion)
            3) Forced marriages, which often lead to divorce
      5. Sowing the seeds of drugs
         a. Drugs have great potential for ruining our lives
         b. What so bad about drugs?
            1) Some are illegal, and their use violates Ro 13:1
            2) Many are addictive, and their use violates 1Co 6:12
            3) Others are destructive to the body, and their use
               violates 1Co 6:19-20

[It has been said that "Most men spend the first half of their live making the second half miserable." (La Bruyere)  That is why you need to "Remember God In The Days Of Your Youth."  When you do, then the following can be true...]