Saturday, August 3, 2013

Be a HERO of your time PART 1

1    H-EAR GOOD ADVICE…It pays to listen to experience and good advice from the elders, pastors, parents and God through His word, the Bible.

“A wise son takes his father’s advice: (Prov. 13:1).
So, be patient with your parents and all adults. We mean well. Remember you have never been 30, 40 or 60 years old, but we have been 13,15 and 17. 

You need to train your conscience while you’re young. Studying the Bible and listening to the wisdom of older Christians are good ways to do that. 

Some kids do wrong and get into trouble because they’ve run through the red light of their conscience so many times that they’ve become color blind. Unfortunately when you run a red light, you’re likely to have a wreck. 

One father, who was explaining this said, “Son, when you’re not sure what’s right, observe the yellow caution light and slow down until you know what to do.” 

A wealthy man was giving a driving test before he hired a chauffeur. As the first applicant began driving, the millionaire said, “How close can you steer to the edge of the cliff without falling off” The driver, eager to show his skill, drove within a few feet of the dangerous bluff. When they finished the millionaire said, “Thank you! We’ll let you know.” 

The second driver got behind the steering wheel. Again, the millionaire said, “How close can you steer to the edge of the cliff without falling off.” The driver was determined to outdo the first applicant, so he drove within inches of the cliff. Afterward, the millionaire said, “Thank you! We’ll let you know.”
A third driver was given the same instructions. But he balked, saying, “No Sir! I wouldn’t go near the edge of that cliff no matter how much money you paid me!” The millionaire smiled and answered, “You’re hired!” 

You see, these requests were not intended to test the driver’s skill. They were intended to test the driver’s judgment. When he found a man who would avoid danger, even if it meant losing a job, he knew he had found a safe driver. 

Young people must steer clear of danger by avoiding temptation. God doesn’t want us see how close we can get to sin without giving in. He wants us to look at temptation and say, “No way! I’m not getting near that!” 

Paul says, “Run from all these evil things, and follow what is right and good” (1 Tim. 6:11).