Friday, November 22, 2013

Taking care of pets this colder season

As the  colder  months approach, special attention should be given to  pets .  Like humans, dog and cats can be volatile to injury from the cold.  Yesterday, my wife brought our poodle to the Veterinary clinic because  of frequent coughing at night. The doctor explained that smaller per are more volatile to colder temperature and suggested to provide a heated dog bed in case the situation will get worst. 

Potential dehydration was another concern . So a constant supply of clean water is very important . We are faced with  challenges  in keeping our  pets safe, protected and comfortable this colder season so I told our house helper to   take extra care of  our sick dog and should be able to administer the medicine and vitamins prescribed by the doctor. I pray, Chocoy will  be alright  as soon as possible.