Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Musical Drama : The value of waiting

Where could we find cheap postcards for the promotion of our upcoming True Love Waits concert? The youth core group in our church conducts this activity every year and students from different campuses here in our city would look forward to attending this yearly event as they will learn a lot from it. This year, we are doing a Musical drama portraying the life of a young innocent barrio girl falling in love and being hurt by the man she thought would give her the joys of being in love. We are also excited to see hundreds of young people learn the value of waiting for the right time, right place and the right man to be with for the rest of their life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TRUE LOVE WAITS : A Youth Advocacy

True Love Waits…sounds familiar, right? But is it still popular among the young people today to wait for God’s timing to meet the man/woman to be in love with? Or majority of them would just go with the flow of today’s kind of morality? The issues of pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, unwed mothers or even teen suicide are fast becoming popular among the young people. What seemed to be a taboo a few years ago is now popularly accepted and even flaunted. The media played an influential role in the choices of our young people today. Pre-marital sex which is a very controversial topic is now even portrayed as part of the accepted norm among the youth. But this should not be the case. There must be somebody who will make a stand, who will not compromise the moral standard from the Word of God and boldly proclaim the truth without reservations.

This is the reason why the young people of Blessed Hope Christian Community Church, Intl. together with likeminded individuals and the Christian community to rally a cry among the young people today on the importance of waiting. We conducted yearly TRUE LOVE WAITS symposium and concert for the past 12 years. This has become a movement here in our city and this year, the TLW musical drama entitled “TRUE LOVE WAITS: ETLOG first” will cater to thousands of students and professionals as we convey to them the timely and important message of putting God first in a young people’s life.

I am inviting you on February 22  and February 24  ( 6 -8PM)   for  the concert to be held at Blessed Hope Community Church International , 7-21st st., Nazareth Cagayan de Oro City. Admission is  FREE!SEE YOU!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TLW Concert : Experienced The Love Of God First

It’s our 12th year in hosting the True Love Waits concert this year. We are much grateful to all the volunteers who gave everything for this cause. It’s a passion from our hearts to the young people here in our place. Every year, as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, the youth in our church are also busy preparing for symposia and our yearly TLW concert. This year’s theme is: E.T.L.O.G. first and that is, “Experience The Love Of God first.” We need to double time our promotion and include the media so that many young people can attend the Musical concert this coming February 22. We also include brochure printing online so we could promote other church programs during this event.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunday Worship Service

Physical,Emotional and Financial Turmoil

Horrible mood swings, feeling fuzzy , nausea every morning and heart palpitations were some of the problem my wife’s friend  is facing right now. She was thinking it must be because of the difficulty in coping up  with the challenges  of life. Her husband has been unemployed for a long time now and  her meager salary can not cope up with the need of the family( She has 3 children in college and 2 in high school).   Financially , emotional and physically, she’s drained so she summed up everything she’s feeling as just stress. When she started  to have sleepless nights, panic attack and memory loss, my wife told her that something is really wrong and she have to see  a doctor.

The finding was all the physical and emotional abnormalities she  has been suffering for almost a year now is caused by  the  Intrauterine Device (IUD) she has been using for a long time. The birth control devide inserted into  the uterus has been identified as a possible cause of several dangerous conditions she  is undergoing now. I heard about Mirena IUD and the many side effects users has been suffering . Some ended up in lawsuits but others remain in silence.

Now my wife’s friend decided to have the device removed.  I believed she has suffered enough with this kind of contraceptive   and it’s time to   shift to another method. Why not  adopt the natural method? Anyway, she’s going into the state of pre-menopausal period. I don’t think she will be pregnant again. What can you advise to our friend?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where your treasure is ...

Entry for  ABC Wednesday

D - is for DEVOTIONAL  Verses