Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eddie Van Halem Guitars

If you want to praise the Lord through music then one of the best ways is to learn to play Christian or Gospel songs on guitar. Guitar is the most exciting and trendiest forms of music instrument. Playing guitar is considered casual fun and comfortable always. 

I was only Ten years old when I started playing “Amazing Grace” with an acoustic guitar. Although playing piano is my first love, I find guitar playing exciting because you can play it anywhere and anytime you want. My son got my passion for guitar playing. He is the guitarist of our church’s’ junior band . Last Christmas we gave him a branded guitar and he was extremely happy. His greatest dream is to own an Eddie Van Halem Guitar, so oftentimes he is browsing EVH Guitars from musicians friend hoping to find drop down sale. As of the moment, he’s not lucky enough. Although the price is cheaper than other musical store, we still do not have a budget for another piece.