Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How often should we introduce new songs to the congregation?

Keep in mind that though you and your fellow worship members are up-to-date on all the latest worship music, the majority of your congregation is usually not. As a worship leader or praise musician, you are much more likely to get tired of a song before your congregation members. In fact, it is usually just about the time you are weary of the song that the church begins to connect with it. 

Renowned Christian music artist and worship leader Paul Baloche says he's  introducing two, at the most three, new songs in a month ." In a four or five song set list, there should be one new song. All the other songs should be longtime, familiar choruses or even hymns that the congregation strongly identifies with. Be able to discern whether or not the church connects with the new song in a strong, passionate manner. You do not want your congregational members coming to a service, feeling as if they have to sit and learn a new song or read words off of a screen. 

Again, the ultimate goal of any worship team is to draw the attention of the congregation to Christ. If you feel the church just isn't connecting with the new song, do not hesitate to throw it out.