Thursday, November 6, 2014

Youth Camp Preaching : Who the world thinks we are

It’s no secret of what the world really thinks about those who live for Christ (TV, newspaper, etc)… It’s no secret that the world thinks that we are nothing more than second-class citizens… That we’re nothing more than freaks, fanatics, and frauds… The world thinks that we’re nothing more than extremists, trying to get some attention… They believe that we are bible-toting, tongue-speaking renegades, who only want to put on a spectacle for others to see…They believe that the church is nothing more than a social club, were we gather from week to week to compare clothes, hairstyles, and trends… The church is nothing more than a place for those who are in everybody else’s business to gather to share notes and swap stories…! They feel that the only difference between them and us is that they’re meeting in the clubs, and bars, but we’re meeting in the church!

And as a result of their thoughts about us, our witness becomes ineffective…! We can’t tell them anything, because they see us doing the same thing…! We can’t tell them not to do something because we’re doing everything… And because this spiritual identity crisis has been going on so long, it does not matter what we do to try and show them different… They’re not buying it…! 

Because so many have been hurt, rejected, and made fun of by the church, they refuse to hear anything that we have to say... 

The world thinks that we’re just putting on a show, pretending to be something that we’re not… (2 Timothy 3:5) Many folks “have a form of godliness but they deny its power…” In other words, they’re faking and shaking and it causes a detrimental effect on the entire body of Christ… Likewise I discovered that many people try to live up to what the worlds thinks… “The world says I should…” 

And because this, many of are in the midst of a spiritual identity crisis… Because we’re on trying to be Who The World Thinks We Are… But I’ve also discovered that we get caught up in…