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the world of die casting technology

same as new: overhaul and modernization

if you already have a frech machine, overhauling and modernization offers a great cost effective way to produce on advanced machinery without buying new machines. we can refurbish your frech die casting machines form the ground up – replacing hydraulics, electrical systems and control technology whilst still utilizing the existing machine base. with modern controls and technology your machine will continue to produce efficiently and productively for many more years to come.

our machines have a proven track record of being very long lasting. maximize your results by modernizing your machines.

high quality that pays off: second hand machines

limited budgets and special projects frequently require special solutions. a frech second hand machine, be it completely overhauled, partially overhauled, repaired or just thoroughly inspected, can be adapted to your specific needs. naturally – all this is done with frech high quality standards.

tailored solutions for you

we tailor the refurbishing of your equipment according to your requirements. no matters if you want to check, repair, partially overhaul or totally overhaul your machines. we make sure you are ready for the future.