the world of die casting technology

product frech-利来登录


locking force: 2750 - 16.800 kn

frech cold chamber technology is setting standards for pressure tight and porosity free die casting. our dak machines boast features such as high performance operational reliability, user and service friendliness and rugged design. it represents the standard for excellent quality down to the smallest detail and is a secure investment for high-performance die casters.

the advantages of the modular frech cold chamber machines are:

§  increased productivity through faster cycle-times

§  best possible casting quality with the highest injection speeds

§  complete flexibility for retrofits and automation due to the modular design

§  combination possibilities for different shot ends and locking-units for the most optimized process

§  service-friendly with good access to all areas and the ability for remote service

§  high durability and lifespan due to stable and robust machine construction

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